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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Advertising, Cash or Both?

If you run a site/blog or are an affiliate.................

You need advertising - pure and simple.

You need advertising that offers value and it should
be aimed at your target market. There are plenty of
good quality advertising sources out there but there
are also sites that give you the ability to earn CASH
with your ad purchases

Not traditional sales commission, something different.

Sites that offer this ability, will normally be an upgrade
that comes with advertising. They may have member
to member payments, be based on matrix structures
or are cyclers.

Most of these have advertising that has been added
just to make the site legal. The advertising is typically
a few thousand banners/text ads at best and "show
your referral your ad" at worst.

They will not pass the basic test below.

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly.

Is the advertising contained in the upgrade, worth
the money asked?

Would you be comfortable asking a friend to upgrade
based SOLELY on the advertising offered?

If there was no way to earn money, would you still
buy the upgrade/advertising?

If the answers are no, go elsewhere.
If the answers are yes, join -  upgrade - enjoy!

Personally, there are only two that pass this test,
from the hundreds I have looked at over the years.

They are PIFexplosion and LeasedAdSpace.

Both are one time purchases of $4.90* and $7.00
respectively. You can stay that way and never need
to purchase again or you can add more, if you want
to. More positions, advertising, mailings etc.

*You can try out PIFe for free.

More details on both will be coming soon.

Maybe there are more....still have a few to check.

To close, make sure you are getting what you want
from an advertising site and don't get sucked into
the hype. If you are joining just to promote the cash
angle, that's fine but be honest in your marketing.


Sunday, 29 January 2017

January coming to an end, Christmas is now closer. lol

Hi everyone.

The Badge Hunt is over, CSN have won Season 8(congrats!)
and in the last few days, there was a small contest run through
the list(it sometimes pays to subscribe and read messages).

The Cash winners were

1 - Bouisaghouane Aymane - $1.50
2 - Kathy Dyer - $1.00
3 - Thea Penders - $0.50
4 - Norbert Ladner - $0.50

A "main" Contest will be coming in February or if I can also tie
it into some other event, it could be earlier/later.

Blog Update - Faucets

Added links to good coin wallets and faucet info to the Faucets
page. I will expand on wallets later but for now, read everything
at the links posted and most importantly - write everything down
as you join.

There are more Direct Payment sites to add and then it will be
the turn of a micro-wallet site FaucetHub - nearly 1,800 faucets
but some of them you would need to wrap your computer in ten
safety blankets just to use them. I'll test and then highlight some
of the better sites.

A last word on a site I see being advertised more - BitMiner.
Think about it logically and then, stop doing it. If you have went
as far as to install the app/extension - clean your computer as
soon as possible.


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Best wishes.

David McKay

Prize Clickers Admin

Monday, 16 January 2017

How to get badge 241.

Grab a FREE Gold upgrade at PIFexplosion.

Join and receive(every month for three months).

1 Contact Solo Ad
10000 Banners
2 x 250 Guaranteed Visits

Earn cash on the site to get a free
upgrade/matrix position or advertising.
You can earn that cash by 

Logging in daily
Clicking on Solo Ads, Traffic Links and Banners

If you love clicking, there are over 4700
cash links to click and new cash links added daily.

No time for a lot of clicking?

Upgrade to Diamond when you join for a
ONE TIME fee of


and get all TEN of my badges PLUS extras.
See the All 10 Badges page.

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook.
Include your PIFe username.

How to get Badge 146.

Gift three CTP submarine cards to - 1power

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook. Please include the badge number.

How to get Badge 129.

Join any Mailer on the Mailers page
and read 25 mails.

The same applies to those who are
already my referral at one or
more of the sites - read 25.

Upgraded under me at one of the Mailers?
No need to surf, just ask for the Badge.

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook. Include the name of the
 Mailer that you joined/read mails at/upgraded.

How to get Badge 171

Check out the Faucets page and you may just find it.

Join a few tested and proven faucets
while you're there. :)

How to get Badge 168.

Join any site on the PTC page.
Click ads to become active.

I do not recommend upgrading at 
any PTC site until you are 
comfortable working with them.

Complete the task and then PM me at
CTP or FaceBook.
Include the name of the Paid to Click that you joined.

All Ten Badges.

              Get all TEN badge HERE.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

How to get Badge 84.

Follow me on Twitter and I promise that I 
will use it more often in 2017. :)

Can't claim as you already follow me?
Gift three CTP submarine cards to - 1power 

New followers only. Any followers in the 10 days before the hunt started, will qualify.

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook....or Twitter of course. Let me know which badge you are claiming and any relevant details.

Get all TEN badge HERE.

How to get Badge 75.

Like and Follow Prize Clickers on FaceBook.

Can't claim as you have already liked and followed?

Gift three CTP submarine cards to - 1power 

New likes only. Any like given in the 10 days
before the hunt started, qualifies.

Don't worry, I don't post a lot. lol

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FaceBook with the badge number claimed.

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How to get Badge 65.

Join any Traffic Exchange on the Exchanges
page and surf 50 sites.

The same applies to those who are already my referral at one or more of the sites - Surf 50.

Upgraded under me at one of the exchanges?
No need to surf, just ask for the Badge.

Complete the task and then PM me at CTP or FB.
Include the name of the exchange that you joined/surfed or are upgraded at.

Get all TEN badge HERE.

How to get Badge 45.

Subscribe to the Prize Clickers list(top right).

If you are already subscribed.

I will send a message out on three different
days with the location of Badge 45.

1st day - Thursday the 19th.
2nd - Saturday the 21st.
2rd - Tuesday the 24th.

Get all TEN badge HERE.

How to get Badge 18.

This one is super easy.

Find Badge 18 on one of the pages of this blog.

Put the coffee and cake down - go find it!

Get all TEN badge HERE.

Badge Hunt instructions starting in 30 minutes.

I'm late with these but not as late as I thought.


Expect the first badge instructions within 30 minutes.

I'll then try to post the rest before I fall over and also a special
way to get all TEN badges(plus some bonuses).

For all badge claims, you can message me at CTP or FB.

Back in 30..... 

Good Luck in the Hunt!!!

David McKay
Prize Clickers Admin

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Please excuse the mess.

Two posts in one day, looks like I am going for a record. lol

You may have noticed there are no fixed pages or menu, just
posts. I will be editing, removing and adding pages over the
next few weeks. The blog got a little muddled and needs to be
organised better.

There is also some outdated information and a number of new
things I want to add like;

Cashback - Outside advertising - Guides - Coins(BitCoin, Lite-
Coin, Doge, Ethereum etc.). Focus on individual owners and/
or sites....the list goes on. :)

This blog was going to WordPress and the
domain was going to be a TE(it even had the script installed)
but things have changed. The blog may still move to WP and may still become.......but for now,
forwards to this blog and I will add things here, regularly.

Please make sure you are on the Prize Clickers list or have
at least

like, follow on FaceBook

That's it for now. I will see you soon.


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Best wishes.

David McKay

Prize Clickers Admin

Has it been that long and where did everyone go(owners)?

Hi everyone.

I hadn't realised it was this long since I posted on the blog. :(

Apart from an increased workload, some injury related issues
and a holiday(The Netherlands - beautiful country - visit if you
can), there was of course the PayPal saga......

I'm not going to write a long post as the topic has been done
to death by now. Okay, I'm not promising anything. lol

PayPal(PP) and where did the owners go?

I watched PP go through RevShares like a hot knife through
butter, which is what I expected to happen as they are ponzis.

Then some marketing, product and content sites were hit with
limitations. That was the first shock and then membership sites
like AIOP. Paid to Clicks then seemed to be on the radar and
next stop was Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. They seemed to
be going after everyone that mentioned anything to do with
making money, even indirectly.

That gave me pause, a long pause. Time to think about what I
had been planning and unfortunately(or maybe fortunately),
cancel those plans. They may be resurrected in the future but
in a different format, we'll see how things go.

Recently, it's all been about - Guess who is going to leave next.

The amount of exchange/mailer owners that just walked away
without word or an apology to their members was shocking. I 
know that losing PP could be 90% of your business but you
could have sent a message explaining that. Some people had
spent months/years at your sites - they at least deserved five
minutes of your time to write an email.

Some who left were a surprise, others were not. Some of the
biggest surprises are a few that are still here.....

A quick word on Paul of Dream Fuel Traffic. He has left for
legitimate reasons and instead of just shutting down, placed
his exchange in the very capable hands of Land Marketing.
The way he approached everything spoke volumes to the
character of the man. This type of owner will be sadly missed.

On that subject, I applaud those who have stayed AND are
actively fighting to move business forward. Those owners
should flourish in an environment where the bored hobby
owner or an owner with no backup plan has left(or is about to).
They will need your support and I don't necessarily mean it to
be financial. Surf, promote, take part in contests, write a few 
blog posts, get on social media.

Support your favourite owners and get busy!

A last word on those who simply walked away. It may be hard
to take as you could have upgrades, credits, referrals now lost
but think of it this way.

They walked away at the first big problem. If the PP problem
had not happened now but in six months......that would have
been an extra six months of your time wasted.

Things do seem to have calmed down now and there are plenty
of sites that have kept PP or are adding it back in. The problem
with this is, I imagine owners are waking every morning thinking
- is it my turn now?
Not a good situation to be in but you need to make the best of
a bad situation. If it happens, it happens and no amount of 
worrying about is is going to do you any good.

Okay, I could actually go on and on so I'll stop for some better
news. Some things to cheer people up. :)

Badge Hunt coming!

January 15th to the 25th(?)

I will have TEN badge in this Hunt. Nowhere near finished on
the details of any of them but I'll get there. May not be on the
15th but I will give at least a full week to complete them.

More details will follow.

Prize Clickers Contest coming!

At the latest, February.

I had intended to run it while the Badge Hunt is on but there is
not going to be enough time to do both. Mmmm......if I can grow
another few pairs of arms in the next couple of days...... lol

What happens in the Badge Hunt will now influence the Contest.
Higher activity, better prizes. Low activity...well, you get it. 


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Best wishes.

David McKay

Prize Clickers Admin