Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Advertising, Cash or Both?

If you run a site/blog or are an affiliate.................

You need advertising - pure and simple.

You need advertising that offers value and it should
be aimed at your target market. There are plenty of
good quality advertising sources out there but there
are also sites that give you the ability to earn CASH
with your ad purchases

Not traditional sales commission, something different.

Sites that offer this ability, will normally be an upgrade
that comes with advertising. They may have member
to member payments, be based on matrix structures
or are cyclers.

Most of these have advertising that has been added
just to make the site legal. The advertising is typically
a few thousand banners/text ads at best and "show
your referral your ad" at worst.

They will not pass the basic test below.

Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly.

Is the advertising contained in the upgrade, worth
the money asked?

Would you be comfortable asking a friend to upgrade
based SOLELY on the advertising offered?

If there was no way to earn money, would you still
buy the upgrade/advertising?

If the answers are no, go elsewhere.
If the answers are yes, join -  upgrade - enjoy!

Personally, there are only two that pass this test,
from the hundreds I have looked at over the years.

They are PIFexplosion and LeasedAdSpace.

Both are one time purchases of $4.90* and $7.00
respectively. You can stay that way and never need
to purchase again or you can add more, if you want
to. More positions, advertising, mailings etc.

*You can try out PIFe for free.

More details on both will be coming soon.

Maybe there are more....still have a few to check.

To close, make sure you are getting what you want
from an advertising site and don't get sucked into
the hype. If you are joining just to promote the cash
angle, that's fine but be honest in your marketing.