Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 28 May 2018

Follow posts, CTP and BaB.

follow posts If you'd like to keep up to date on posts, I have added, to the
top right of the page.....

Follow Prize Clickers by email
This is not a mailing list, it will just inform you of a new post.
No posts - no emails. Just enter your email and click the link
you get. No name needed and you can quit at any time.

It was actually here all along but it was right at the bottom of
the page. Even I forgot it was there. lol


Still waiting to give out XP but disappointed to hear that nothing
has happened - no communication about the end of Season.


No changes yet to payment types on site but I suspect they will
be coming soon. Just like PIFe and most other sites, Payza will be
removed as it is no longer viable as a payment processor.


Have a great week, more to follow later.

David. :)

Sunday, 27 May 2018

PIFexplosion Update

PIFexplosion Update PIFexplosion have removed Payza as a payment and withdrawal
option. No surprises there to anyone that has kept watch on the
Payza debacle.

"Extra Cash" cashouts(where you could click for free advertising
or a free matrix position) have been temporarily suspended.
Clicks, logins etc. are still counted so keep on doing what you
usually do. Once things return to normal, you can exchange
your earnings in the usual way, although this may take a few

All other areas of the site are working as normal.
Special Offers on this blog are still valid.
Need help with funding or withdrawing? Contact me.

Those who used Payza, please change your payout method to
STP, BTC or Ethereum.

For those purchasing, Stripe and CoinPayments have been added.

To round up.

Purchases can be made by

-- STP
-- Payeer
-- Stripe(card payments)
-- CoinPayments(multiple coins like BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum,
    BitCoinCash, NEO, Monero etc.)

Withdrawals can be made by

-- STP
, BTC or Ethereum.


I have a strange feeling that I will be making an almost identical
post tomorrow or really soon. lol

I would do it tonight but upgrades in my network have been causing
drop-outs for the last week. Looks like things will not change until
after June 10th(the completion date for town-wide upgrades).

If I am late in replying to anything, sorry.
If I don't reply, just keep sending until I do. :)


Until tomorrow or some date when I have reliable internet access.

Monday, 7 May 2018

MusiCoin Wallet - are you up to date? Important.

musicoin wallet Mined MusiCoin in the past? Thinking of mining it again?

You NEED the most recent wallet --->ver 1.0.1


There was a hard fork at block 2,222,222(currently at 2,486,986).

Musicoin Wallet 1.0.1 supports the Musicoin hardfork scheduled for block 2,222,222. All users

of previous versions are required to upgrade to this version to avoid loss of funds and transacting

on an alt chain, which may have potentially harmful consequences.

Musicoin Wallet v.1.0.1 adds translation support for the following languages:

  1. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  2. Russian
  3. French
  4. Dutch (Netherlands)
  5. Portuguese
  6. Spanish (Spain and Argentina)

In addition to this, the bootstrap sync mechanism has been reworked in order to ensure that users

don't connect with peers which are running older versions, which may not be mining on the MUSIC chain.

Additional Options to wipe blockchain data from docs and an option to move the blockchain directory

are also supported in this release.

Enjoy $MUSIC!

>>My wallet says ver 1.0, do I need to upgrade to ver 1.0.1?

If you downloaded a wallet from GitHub after the 23rd of March,
you are probably running ver 1.0.1 already(although it says 1.0).

Open wallet --> Click Advanced. If you see - Change Language and
seven languages there(the six above plus English), you're good to go.

Upgrading from an old version? You'll love the new wallet.

Faster sync with network(about 10x faster).
Music player.....inside the wallet. Listen to tunes while you sync!!

David. :)

Info -

Friday, 4 May 2018

Last day for 10 sites owned by mexicantarget(FaucetHub).

mexicantarget If you regularly check FaucetHub, you'll have seen the sad or happy
news, depending on your point of view.....

The following sites will be closed by May 5th.


The full post can be seen by logging into FaucetHub and clicking News.

FaucetHub WILL NOT be closing. It is actually the success of the site,
coupled with his recent marriage and fatherhood, that has focused
his priorities and led to the realisation that he has been spreading
himself too thin.

Good news for FaucetHub users as he is now concentrating on this
and just one other project(Zen Ads, an advertising network for crypto).

Bad news for those who spent a lot of time, energy and love on his
closing sites.

While the closing of good sites is always sad, I hope that the new
gap in the market(and it's a HUGE one), will have owners stepping
up and creating some great sites. Even - GOOD or OKAY would be
better than some of the hundreds of REALLY POOR faucets running

Get Creative  - don't just slap 5 ad networks on a page and force
your users to jump through hoops for 2 satoshi........

David. :)

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Faucet page update.

Faucets Updatemay Update on Faucets......

Removed(and why)

Bit Lucky

1. Late payments or no payments at all.
2. Current reward is around 12 satoshi per hour(waste of time).

While many sites have reduced rewards, they have also reduced
the time to collect the reward. Bit Lucky seem to have INCREASED
the time. Site is no longer viable to include on PC.

Tomorrow, I'll have some other news about Faucets that you may
have missed.


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

XP Winners....when are the play-offs?

ctp play-offs
Hi everyone.

Does anyone know what is happening with this Season at CTP?

I was hoping to send XP to 5 random members tonight but there
doesn't seem to be anything happening.

While I no longer participate in surfing/teams etc., I try to award
XP to members when it seems beneficial(duels/play-offs).

Looking at Teams today(and the schedule), I see that the last
Team Duels were on the 26th.

When are the play-offs or did the Season end on the 26th?

If it did end on the 26th, without any play-offs......

Congrats to We Are Family and their Leader - Renee Vorbach.

If it didn't, let me know if you know. :)


There is 500,000 XP to be awarded if there is a play-off. If not,
I'll be active with many more XP prizes next Season.


To close, if you are in the know about news or dates....hook me up.