Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Finally, the good and the okay. :)

It has taken a little longer than expected to post the good and
the okay. I have been visiting each site, making sure they were
still active, noting any changes and seeing that they were still

I'm pleased that almost all are performing well. There are a
couple where the business model no longer works(or works as
well as it did). A few where activity^ has dropped but crucially,
all are still paying.

I will go over each program listed on Crypto Earning Sites and
if there is anything that needs to be highlighted, it will be. If
they are performing as they were, they will simply be listed.

^Activity dropping is to be expected in any site that is around
for longer than three months. This will not be highlighted unless
it is a major drop. Even when there is a major drop in activity,
that usually means a drop in promotion too - making it ripe to
get out there and promote for yourself. :)

Pure advertising and Tools

Zero issues here with any of the listed programs. Yipee!!

Another program has been added - Pangea. It should be an
essential part of your daily advertising, whether free or pro.


A huge mailer with 125,000+ members, split into five groups.

Unlike other mailers, not only is your ad sent - you also get a
banner, text ad and your subject line link is added to the next
mailing by any member. That is a lot of promotion from one
click(once set up).

There is a flat rate of 10,000 credits to send to any of the five
groups. You can choose a different group each time you send,
you are not tied to the one group.

As an active free member, you should be able to send a mail
everyfour or five days. You'll get 10% commission for refs.

Upgraded members can send daily or at the higher upgrades,
more than once a day. Prices are very reasonable and are
Lifetime so you don't need to worry about subscriptions.
Multiple upgrades available starting at $49 and up to $299.

The best value is the World account at $199 Lifetime. It has
enough credits to send a mailing EVERY day for LIFE, no click
requirements and is given priority before other mails.
40% commission on this one.

Start free or jump right in with an upgrade but...start. There
is one heck of a list out there, waiting for your ads.

Testing, PreLaunch or added

Launching on February 1st, this is a 10 level social network

Just launched. A downline builder for Crypto programs with
some EXCLUSIVE launches.

Crypto Earning Sites - Performing as expected, no issues.

Surf or click daily

AdFeedz - slow earner
AdTokenz - slow earner

Passive Earnings - no need to click

PrizeClickers Elite
8bit LTD

Forced Matrix and PTC - clicking optional


Paid to Promote


DLB and PTC - optional clicking


Crypto Earning Sites - okay but with small issues.

Launched when the ICO market was huge and decent profits
could be made, if you picked the right one. It had expected
returns from 110% to 300% and it was great....until the ICO
market went away(for the most part).

Now, it still pays but as there is no market, returns are never
going to be above around 112%. Still good but the up to 300%
will never happen now.

Banner delivery is slow to very slow. A major drop in delivery
that probably started about six months ago. Still paying and
still worth purchasing but I would quit buying at six positions,
until you get a downline below you.

Based around paying for each page view through JSEcoin, it
was a great idea. Unfortunately, JSEcoin doesn't look like it
will ever be a viable income source. It floated at a decent
value for a short time, tanked..........and never recovered.

As an advertising source where you can add a page link and
then have two banners plus a text link displayed(and a
cloaked option too), it's still fine and also paying BUT don't
expect much income from PTP....unless JSEcoin makes a
dramatic comeback.


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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Warning! :)

Long post coming at the weekend or maybe earlier.

Just to make sure you are ready with some snacks.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Sunday Update - the bad, the sad and some little bits.

It's the New Year but nothing new about many programs choosing
this time to delay payment, declare problems or just leave.

There are numerous that I have heard of but I'll just stick to the
two that were on PrizeClickers.

Although the post tonight has some grim reading, the next post
will be the positives from the last few weeks/months and will be
looking forward. :)


Gone without a word. This ran for a while so if you were in from
the start, you are most likely well ahead of the game.

There was also a sister site that was not added to PrizeClickers -
ProfitIndustry, it is obviously gone too.

Word of warning - both sites are still up and able to take payments.

If you are going to just leave, at least have the decency to take the
sites offline as there will be new members that have no idea what is
happening(falling now into the SCAM category for leaving purchases
open with no intention of paying).


This had a lot of promise but has severe problems now. It seems
that the one thing Admin did not factor in, was running costs.

$1100 per quarter. Ouch!

Now he wants members to help pay 20% of the quarterly bill. And
when the next bill comes in......?

This did not gain the attention needed to sustain it, simple as that.

Even though the member count is 1900+, I'm guessing less than
10% ever bought anything. Looking at the FB group, it might even
be less than 5%.

The ProX script choice was an issue here. Although it works smoothly,
it's not an easy one to understand if you've never seen it before. A
huge positive in any of these sites, is ease of use. Buy quick, set up
ads easily and withdraw. This script has split balances, a funny way
of adding surf credits and is a pain in the butt at adding banners.

It's a pity on this one. Had promise but I don't see a way forward
for it now. :(

Sad News

There are two more sites that are changing, not leaving. They will
not be removed from the blog but they will be moved from Crypto
Earning Sites to Pure Advertising.

MyfreeShares and DonkeyMails

These are not in the same category as those above. The Admin has
CLASS and will be paying out on all balances due(must request your
balance so please read).

The sites will still be there and you can earn from clicking but those
earnings can no longer be withdrawn, just used for ad purchases.

If you are a member, go to any of the sites and read the updates.
There is a roadmap of the changes coming and the exact dates you
need to get your withdrawal request in.

Little Bits of news and.......from the grapevine

I still see AdTurbine being advertised heavily but from reports, they
stopped paying around the time that MAF stopped.

IncomeBuilders - looks to have stalled after the first couple of days.

MyAddsUp - you can't access your account unless you pay $5 weekly.

RaisingAds - stopped paying AGES ago but I still see it advertised
a few times a day.

MyAdMagnet - a lot of speculation that this is from the same Admin
of MyAdsFactory and ProfitIndustry. I've no idea if it is but with the
really long prelaunch and similar model to the previously mentioned
programs, I will not be joining. Decide for yourself.


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Thursday, 2 January 2020

A quick one...

I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

There's been a lot happening out there so the short
update I had planned for today......will now be longer
and posted at the weekend.

Enjoy the New Year and I'll see you in a few days. :)


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