Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Special Offers are here. On the fence? Time to get off it.

special offers

Where possible, I will always support and add value to programs
for the benefit of my downline. Matrix programs that allow PIF,
spillover/under or both - are the ideal programs to do this.

ALL purchases made in programs below, help to fill spaces in our
downline = possible spillover for PrizeClickers members.

The three programs listed below are low cost, provide advertising,
are run by proven admin and pay.

If you don't have a payment processor needed or can't meet some
of the minimum funding levels, I will be adding a post about ways
around the problem.  You can also get in touch, I will help.


Cost - Diamond $4.90*

SolidTrustPay - Payeer - BitCoin(10% disc.).
--> Other options available, read FUNDING post or get in touch.


Cost - Silver $9.80*
          Gold   $9.80* monthly

SolidTrustPay - Payeer - BitCoin(10% disc.) - CreditCard

Ethereum and other payment options will possibly be here soon.


Cost - From just $2.00

Stage 1 - $2.00
Stage 2 - $4.00
Stage 3 - $8.00
Stage 4 - $16.00
Stage 5 - $32.00

Ethereum or LiteCoin** - BitCoin***

--> Other options available, read FUNDING post or get in touch.


What do I do?

Upgrade to Diamond at PIFexplosion for $4.90

What do I get for FREE?

A $2 Stage 1 Matrix Position - at CoinPressions2.


What do I do?

Purchase a $2 Stage 1 Matrix Position at CoinPressions2.

What do I get for FREE?

A $2 Stage 1 Matrix Position - at CoinPressions2.


What do I do?

Purchase Stage 1 to Stage 5 at CoinPressions2 - $62

What do I get for FREE?

You get ALL the positions below, not just one.

A Diamond membership/extra position - at PIFe
2 x $2 Stage 1 Matrix Positions - at CoinPressions2.
1 x $4 Stage 2 Matrix Position - at CoinPressions2.
1 x $8 Stage 3 Matrix Position - at CoinPressions2.


What do I do?

Upgrade to Silver/Gold at BannerAdBlaster for $9.80

What do I get for FREE?

2 x $2 Stage 1 Matrix Positions - at CoinPressions2.


A Diamond membership/extra position - at PIFexplosion.


Must have joined the program(s) through my referral link.
This may be obvious but you can't benefit the Prize Clickers
downline, if you're not in it.

Offers are open to new members and current members that
have not upgraded yet.

To claim an offer, just get in touch and tell me which offer(s)
you have chosen. My details are on the Contact page.

Offers usually added within 48 hours of contact. Add extra for
weekends or holidays.


Take advantage of the Specials, get in touch and let's build
some things that we can all be proud of.

David. :)

* Small funding fee, depending on the payment processor used.

** $5.00 minimum deposit by Ethereum or LiteCoin.

*** $25.00 minimum deposit by BitCoin. Good if you are
multiple stages or funding other members.

Can't meet the minimum funding but have $2 in a Crypto? Get
in touch, I will exchange and fund you. :)

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Coinpressions2 and the start of Special Offers.

coinpressions2 There are many launches every week of programs and most
of them, hold no interest to me.

This one has peaked my interest and will have a special offer
attached to it......get some FREE positions! :)

Need a guide for this, don't understand a part of it? Get in
touch, I'm always here to answer you.



BitCoin - Ethereum - LiteCoin

Free and paid options available. Paid options start at just $2.00
with no monthly subsciptions.

Small 2x2 Matrix System with 5 Stages - $2.00 to $32.00

Stage 1 - $2.00
Stage 2 - $4.00
Stage 3 - $8.00
Stage 4 - $16.00
Stage 5 -  $32.00

You can buy as many positions/stages as you like but you need to
buy first at Stage 1, then 2, then 3 etc.

Compensation Plan

Comp Plan

As you can see from above, the plan is VERY interesting and can
be lucrative for members starting at $2.00, as well as those going
for all 5 Stages($62.00) from the start.

Multiple re-entries, generous commissions, 25% matching bonus on
everything your referrals earn(making sure that when your referrals
succeed, YOU do too).

Okay, nice structure - good funding options - cheap to get started
and great benefits for referring but what else?


Pay it Forward - You can purchase any stage for your referrals and
any of their referrals too - powerful for building a team, bringing
someone in that doesn't have funds in a processor or rewarding a

Advertising - Highly targetted text/banner ads. What you get from
a single $2.00 purchase, doesn't seem like a lot BUT when you add
more positions and/or cycle to get all those re-entries and higher
stages - they all come with more ads.

Cash Transfer - Transfer cash to ANY member. All you need is a

Marketing Funnel - Plug in your autoresponder and build your
downline PLUS your list.

Matrix Positions - created instantly, no waiting. Commission for
positions also added instantly.

Stats - Status of your referrals and their referrals(paid and free).
Who is in your 2x2 on every level? You can get the details.

Support - on site, email along with FaceBook and Telegram to
stay connected with other members.


Join for free and then read/watch everything available in the
members area. Questions? I'm here.


When you have joined.........

Purchase a position - at least Stage1 for $2.00 - get
a FREE $2.00 Stage1 added.

The above is part of the special offers coming, enjoy.


Saturday, 17 February 2018

PIFe - Update and New Info

PIFe Update
After more than a year since I introduced PIFexplosion to this blog,
where is it now....................



Is it still a good site?


I'm pleased to say that it is still there, advertising gets clicks,
support gets answered and crucially it is still PAYING ON TIME.

The cost is still a ridiculously low $4.90 - one time(plus a small
fee, depends on your processor - STP is 0.37c).
Any changes?

Not many, which is good. Since there wasn't anything wrong with
the program, the only changes have been positive.

1. Two additional payment processors to take it to four available.

Solid Trust Pay

*Use BitCoin, get a 10% discount.

2. A few of the menu headings have changed place but you will
probably not notice.

3. For every $1 spent at PIFe, you will get 200 credits at All4Pro
for FREE.

PIFe Guides Updated

Part 1 to 7 PIFe Guide/FAQ - CLICK HERE

I looked over the seven part guide I made last year and have
now updated it fully.

If there is anything that you feel hasn't been addressed above,
get in touch and I will make a part eight....nine...ten... :)


PIFexplosion - BannerAdBlaster - CoinPressions2

If you haven't yet, join the three programs above for free and
wait for a special offer coming in the next few days.


Until later!

David. :)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

XP Winners - February 13th.

XPFeb13 Some XP given out tonight.

Monica W - 25,000

Michel S - 10,000
Paul W - 10,000
Roland K - 10,000
Candis L - 10,000

David. :)

Sunday, 11 February 2018

XP Winners - February 11th.

XPFeb11 Some XP given out tonight....more to come soon.

Catharina J - 25,000
Stephane S - 10,000
Elizabeth D - 10,000
Shannon D - 10,000
Bud M - 10,000
Eugene B - 10,000
Chris D - 10,000
Norbert L - 10,000

David. :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

February Update 1

Feb Update
Update on Faucets......XP coming......updated program info........


Watching(and why)

Bit Lucky - waiting for payout

Removed(and why)

Bitaler - zeroed accounts and 500,000 to withdraw to an external
wallet(about 5 thousand years. lol).

BitCoin Bow - similar to the above.

BTC for everyone/LiteCoin Faucet/Doge Faucet - all empty and
from the same owner.

Dayuzarce - site no longer working.

Faucets - Quick Claim page will remain but individual faucet pages
will be removed. As claim amounts change almost daily, it seems
pointless to update these pages constantly.

XP Coming

I will be checking into CTP this weekend and next. If you are still
active in Teams, you may get a small or large XP gift. :)

Updated and new Program Info

Updates on older programs like PIFexplosion, BannerAdBlaster,
and MyFreeShares.

Information on a new program - CoinPressions2.

Information on "never joined before, time to test them" older
programs like WordLinx and Rotate4All.

All the above programs have a banner on the right, if you want
to check them out.


Until later, have a great weekend!

David. :)