Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Winners for this weekend.

Birthday Update2 Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

Some prizes for you......

PIFe extra position ---> Garry T

1,000 Credits ---> Garry T - Monica W - Bud M - Celena B
CTP XP 20,000 ---> Kathy D - Inga O - Bud M
CTP XP 50,000 ---> Kerri F - Bidyut Y
CTP XP 100,000 ---> Norbert L - Michel S
CTP XP Wheel Spins 20 ---> Leone M

200 Batteries will be sent out this weekend, along with Prize Cards.

Want to be in with a chance at prizes? Click below.....

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck.

David. :)