Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 10 February 2020

Some program updates......

I hope everyone is doing well on a fine stormy Monday.

Just a few little bits and bobs of news for you to read.

Testing, PreLaunch or added

While I love the idea of it, it requires more time and effort
to test than I currently have.  If you can spare the time to
really delve into everything the site offers, it could be very

Currently, will not be added to monitoring.

Moved to Paying. New personalised splash is coming soon.

Crypto Earning Sites

Has just reduced the amount of adpacks needed to get to
higher levels and higher returns. Proof that they do listen
to members as the levels were quite a jump.

Also mentioned a new program being worked on with a
rough timeframe of three to four months. These people
know how to run a program so I would stay tuned for any

PrizeClickers Elite
Our own little program. :)

A few updates and improvements in the last week. You
can now advertise your own programs, instead of just
the four matrix sites.

If going by prelaunch.....we're three months old. YaY!

Just mover to bigger and faster servers. If you can't reach
the site, wait a few hours. If you still can't reach it, clear
your cache and try again.


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