Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 13 August 2018

Mixed News - the bad and the good - 3

mixednews3 The Good

Recent payments arrived from adBTC, CoinPot(see faucets page),
MyFreeShares, DonkeyMails, FreeCoins4All and Rotate4All.

I don't normally report recent payouts as it is covered when you
see PAYING on the Faucets or Crypto Earning pages.

So why did I do it?

To lighten the mood of this blog(after two parts of bad news). To
also remind everyone that not all sites are out to steal your time
and money.


Cointiply - recently rolled out an update to the site. Needing to
address the biggest issue with any site -
sustainability - they
have gone a long way to ensuring it.


FreeCoins4All - I won the referral contest! WooHoo! lol


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Mixed News - the bad and the good - 2

mixednews2 The Bad(continued)

ClixCoin(again). After reporting about the hidden withdrawal
increases and the strange contests yesterday, I am now getting
reports of upgrades not being applied.

When you upgrade at a site for 0.01 BTC and it doesn't get added
that day, write a supprt ticket and your problem should be fixed
quickly. That is how it should go, yeah? At ClixCoin, people are
reporting no upgrades and no answer to support tickets for over

Is ClixCoin slipping into SCAM mode?

Recommended to watch carefully and do not add any funds until
news on upgrades/support has been given.

If you are over the minimum, I would try to withdraw now.


BitcoinSpinner has been offline for the last two days. This is
hopefully just a temporary fault as the site has paid every day.

Although never a big earner, it has been a fun site.


Finally, the GOOD is coming next. :)

Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)

Mixed News - the bad and the good - 1

mixednews The Bad

ClixCoin. This site is currently being tested but I have noticed a
few strange things. On the site it states a withdrawal minimum
of 20k satoshi. When you click withdraw, it is actually 40k(or 45k
for some members).

No news about any withdrawal increase. Actually, no news about
anything but the first five referral contests(mmm..what about the
last four?).

And have you looked at those contests?

The current contest has 0.7 BTC in prizes awarded to the top ten,
regardless of...well, anything. No minimum referral count, no
minimum users upgraded....just get the most referrals in two
weeks and receive 0.3 BTC for first place.

A total of almost $5,500(at time of contest start) in prize money,
for a fourteen day referral contest? Does that sound right to you?


Buxvertise and SimplyPTP(same owners) went offline with an
image left up - Be Back Soon! That was around FORTY days ago.

Ummm, my definition of Soon! - is a bit quicker than that.


Bitcoinclicker. In similar fashion to the sites above, went offline
for maintenance. Stated to be back by the 29th of last month, the
new date is the 29th of this month.

Maybe this will last until the next leap year - be back on the 29th
of February. lol


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Bitverts News

bitverts news BitVerts

Bitverts stopped paying(and accepting deposits) a couple of weeks
back. Admin had been posted as in bad health and not able to do
anything with the site until he has recovered.

This news came not long after he put anti-cheat measures in that
identified and red flagged bot/suspicious accounts.......How much
of this "bad health" is actually threats against the site, admin and
his family, we don't know.....but we know it happens.

Stress could also be a factor. It is now clear that the site was run
by a single person. You CANNOT run a site with 100,000 members
on your own, unless the site is dead.  Bitverts had over 1,000
members online 24/7(even if a lot of them were bots).

Up until today(Bitverts is currently down), the site worked fine if
you wanted to just advertise. Do all clicks each day, post an ad,
get bonus ads the next day(higher paying ads). Use the bonus ad
funds plus earnings from clicks, post an ad....etc. By doing this,
you get a steady stream of advertising each day.

Posting ads and supporting those who also do, is making the best
of a bad situation. Quitting/ranting/threatening doesn't do that
member any good - no money AND no ads - so why not make the
most of the ads?

If the site comes back online - do not request a payout. If you do,
that amount will go into pending and cannot be cancelled. Use
your funds to advertise like I said above. If payments ever start
again(and that is a big bold IF), you can always request when
your earnings from bonus ads build up.

If the site stays down and then disappears, it was a great site while
it lasted - ruined by bots, cheaters and poor planning. With a few
changes to the model AND finding a way to get rid of the cheaters,
Bitverts could have become a legend......


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

adBTC Overview

adbtc The next overview of a Crypto Earning Site is adBTC.

Similar type of script as ClixCoin but with more flexible options
to advertise and withdraw.

Coming up on 125k members(with around 1500 always online)
and serving up 1.5 million impressions per day, this is popular.

Ads range in time from 5 seconds to 60, with plenty of them
throughout the day - over 100 easily.

You can buy ads from 5 satoshi per view.

Payouts to(minimum to withdraw)

BitCoin Wallet(30,000)
Advertising Balance

Captcha type - simple math

No upgrades are available.

Ways to Earn


Surf Ads - you will get a single page with the ad description,
length of the ad in seconds and the reward(in satoshi).

You can click the button - OPEN or if you don't want to visit the
ad, click skip(it will take you to the next one).

If you do click, the ad will open in a new tab. A timer will start
on the previous tab. Wait until the timer is zero, close the ad
and go back to the previous tab. A new ad will open or you will
get a Captcha first.

Do the same again until there are no ads left to view.

Surfing in Active Window - these are more like your traditional
PTC ads. Presented in a list format, you can pick and choose
the ads to visit from the one page.

Short description and reward given are displayed.

AutoSurf Ads - Usually up to 5 ads available on Auto. Click
Start and they will open in a new tab - then run until finished.

Never been a fan of this type of advertising so I don't use it.

Referrals - 7.5% surfing ads and 7.5% purchases.

Referral Market - You can buy referrals and sell your own(after
at least seven days of being your referral).


One of the top rated Crypto Earning Sites. Sensible pricing of ads,
relatively low referral commission and high active ads number -
there's no reason why this can't be stable for a long time.

While the Referral Market is a neat feature, the buy prices seem
a little high. If you are going to use it, I suggest to monitor it over
a period of a few weeks.

Time to join -

Next sites to do







Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)