Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 30 May 2020

MEGA-50 Collect Coins + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

Some program News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Pure Advertising and Tools

I've added the MEGA-50 Collect Coins "widget" to the blog.

Give it a try and let me know if coin collection is working.

What is it?


Collect Coins from any site that has it - one per site, per day.
When you have 25, you collect banner impressions. On the
way to getting those impressions, there are random 5c cash
coins to win.

You need to be a member of MEGA-50 but you don't need to
be logged in to collect them. Just enter your username on
the page after clicking on the BIG GREEN CIRCLE.

Join here -----> MEGA-50 or on the claim page.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)


Confirmation times are quite long for BTC just now, please
be patient, you will get it. :)


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Saturday, 23 May 2020

NEW outline/review - PANGEA

Another of the program outlines and/or reviews is below. The
link to this post will be on Pure Advertising + Tools.


Running since - April 2017
Members(as of post date) - 125,750

A huge mailer with 125,000+ members, split into five groups.

Unlike other mailers, not only is your ad sent - you also get a
banner, text ad and your subject line link is added to the next
mailing by any member. That is a lot of promotion from one
click(once set up).

There is a flat rate of 10,000 credits to send to any of the five
groups. You can choose a different group each time you send,
you are not tied to the one group.

As an active free member, you should be able to send a mail
every four or five days. You'll get 10% commission for refs.

Upgraded members can send daily or at the higher upgrades,
more than once a day. Prices are very reasonable and are
Lifetime so you don't need to worry about subscriptions.
Multiple upgrades available starting at $49 and up to $299.

The best value is the World account at $199 Lifetime. It has
enough credits to send a group mailing EVERY day for LIFE,
no click requirements and is given priority before other mails.
40% commission on this one.

Start free or jump right in with an upgrade but...start. There
is one heck of a list out there, waiting for your ads.

Type of ads available - Email / Banner / Text / Paid banners.
Tools - Save emails and favourites.
Extra - Hatch eggs / Trade earnings for upgrade / Contact refs
/ Sell banners / Trade extra credits for banners.

Commission - 10% Free and up to 50% for Upgraded.

Payment types -
Uphold / PaySimple / Gpay / Coins through
/ Coins through CoinBase / BTC, LTC direct.

Minimum payout - $20

NEW - Majestic, P.E paying + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

Some program News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Pure Advertising and Tools

Majestic List
has been added.

You can use Majestic for whatever you like.
Making Money
Advertising - on 6 sites at once
Social Networking
More Perks:

-> Build downlines in 5 other programs.
-> $500 referral contest.
-> 2 Tier commission program
-> Anyone can advertise. Anyone can earn.
-> Massive clicks on ads - because it has A
     LOT of incentive.
-> Social network - Majestic Buddy World.
-> Easy to navigate, nothing complicated.
-> 22 year site owner (March 1998). Here
     to stay for many more years.
-> Neat Gem system to use = earn credits
     for 6 sites at once.
 -> 100% custom site, 1 of a kind.

--The Gem system is unique--

You can send gems to signups, your social
network buddies and to 5 other ad sites.

Top - Lifetime - upgrade taken for Elite here.

Crypto Earning Sites

has now been moved from TESTING to PAYING.

Instantly pays out to BitCoin with the option of choosing a regular
or priority fee. As i was testing and because BTC fees are so high
just now anyway, I chose the regular fee(around 3%) and it was
confirmed within 30 minutes.

You will need Google Authenticator to complete a withdrawal so if
you are not familiar with it, jump on YouTube and search for some
video on the subject.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)



Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Saturday, 16 May 2020

MPT is now MEC + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

A little bit of News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Not had a lot of time this past week and the same may be true
for this coming week. If you get in touch, a reply may take just
a little bit longer than usual.


Has now become MyEurekaClub(MEC). If you were a member
of MPT, you can login to MEC with the same username and pass
you had at MPT.

My Eureka Club

All your details and referrals have been transferred to MEC but
if you kept funds in MPT, they will not be transferred - you need
to do this yourself.

Withdraw ERK from MPT to your wallet. Once confirmed, deposit
your ERK in MEC and buy adpacks. Each pack is 100 ERK and will
expire at 150%.

Time short or this would have been much longer. Get in touch if
you need more and I'll post those towards the end of the week.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)

robisonit - 1.0
RobsTeam - 1.0
theike11 - 0.5
1power - 0.5

All 0.5 positions have now been cleared from the matrix. YaY!


Keep safe, stay indoors and if you get bored - Yoga or Pilates?

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Friday, 8 May 2020

MPT and ERK out - two new programs in.

Some additions to the blog and a major removal that was hugely
disappointing. First to the good............

New sites added with full details coming soon.

Advertising site, mainly banners, with a three level referral system
and unique compensation plan.

One upgrade level that is Lifetime. Upgraded get $25 per upgraded
member on level one. Loads of payment options here and with the
three levels, longer term earnings with a large network are possible.

A complete business if you want to work at it or a passive earner
for the longer term......lazy person. lol

Guaranteed referrals from the monthly ad co-op with memberships
starting at $9.95 - Paypal available here plus PM and BTC.

To the sad news.

MPT and ERK have been removed from the blog. Payback of funds
from "forever packs" that lasted a few about 5%. That
is obviously a 95% loss and put us in the position to be forced into
this new program mentioned in the update below. The new program
will only pay in we need to hope that the price gains
or if it is as worthless in the future as it is now, bummer! lol

Who knew that FOREVER meant less than a month?

I'll post the update from MPT below in full.

Dear MyPassiveTrades members

Due to the amount of pressure we’ve been under we decided to make
a final change to our business model to make it more in line with what
the majority of our members demand

We will do a 100% refund of every pack

Members will receive 4 ERK for every $1 worth of ad packs they have

We will run to the cron to a total of 100% on all packs

We understand many people wish to make back the amount from
purchases and leave us. This will enable that to happen in what is
expected to be a far shorter timeframe

This price is also to protect those who are already holding erk,
reducing the risk heavily of any further dumping

Based on all the information we have such as the existing order
books and our estimation of how much supply the market will have
throughout the next year or two and our estimation of how much
demand our buy back and burn rounds will add to the market we
conclude that the fair market price of ERK for a full refund of the MPT
ad pack is $0.25 per coin

Because of the current economic circumstances most people tend to
sell their assets and this didn’t exclude ERK. The selling pressure in
the short term is preventing the price from reaching the levels of
above $0.25 but we project throughout the next 12 months the price
will go way over $0.25

We will open a new site called MyEurekaClub, where ad packs in ERK
value meaning the purchasing of the packs and the cash back program
will be strictly in ERK. We will be using all existing databases so teams
will stay intact

In MyEurekaClub we will have 20M ERK worth of ad packs for sale.
When this cap is reached there will be no more packs to purchase

Each pack will give a cash back of 0.5% per day in ERK until 150%

Every pack costs 1 ERK and automatically pays back 0.005 ERK per
day until 1.5 ERK is paid back via the MEC cash back program

Members who purchased packs will be able to use their MEC
balances to buy more packs until the 20M ERK worth of packs that’s
available for sale is reached

Those who wish to sell their ERK at spot prices will be able to do so.
Those who wish to hold ERK for later and sell at higher prices will be
able to do so. Those who wish to increase their ERK holdings can
either stake them or purchase MEC ad packs which are limited in

The company owns multiple six figures businesses that are
generating revenue on a daily basis. This allows the profit margin to
continuously grow creating more demand on the market

The company will be continuously buying ERK from the market using
100% of its net profits, 50% to buy back and burn, 50% to increase
its ERK reserves for the long run

All of the other business models will feed directly into our portfolio
fund providing even more buying power on the market

This will allow us to really give a massive push to Eureka and smash
our goals for the long term, while at the same time leaving those
who do not value erk the ability to ‘cash out’ to btc/usdt etc.

For those though that do see the massive, incredibly strong value in
erk, then you’ll see the unbelievable power in the passive plan


Need help or just want a chat? Contact Me.

Best wishes.

David. :)

Sunday, 3 May 2020

NEW outline/review - PrimeSoloAds

Another of the program outlines and/or reviews is below. The link
to this post will be on Pure Advertising + Tools.

Prime Solo Ads

Running since - March 2019
Members(as of post date) - 1373

Send your solo ad to over 50 sites and only use credits when it is
viewed by completely UNIQUE visitors.


You use 1000 credits for each mailing and a credit is only deducted
when a new visitor(by IP address) is detected. Repeat views from
that IP address do not deduct credits. Meaning that you could get
thousands of views for 1000 credits or less.

If you get less than 1000 UNIQUE views in 15 days, the remainder
of your credits are returned to your account.

An extra feature is the banner autosend and is included for free.
When you send a mailing, you can add a 468x60 banner that is
shown until 2,000 impressions for Elite.

Free and upgraded members can earn credits by logging in, solo
ad visits, admin mails and having active referrals.

Two lifetime upgrades are available at $49 for Gold and $69 for
Elite. If you see a special offer for Elite, GRAB IT! A great deal
that will kickstart your promotions.

Upgraded members get more of everything(see table below).

Prime Table

Type of ads available - Solo / Banner / Featured / Footer.
Tools - Auto resend / Social poster.
Extra - Trade earnings for credits / contact referrals.

Commission - 10% Free, 25% Gold and 40% for Elite.

Payment types -
BTC, LTC and ETH through CoinPayments /
PAYEER / PerfectMoney.

Minimum payout - $10

Saturday, 2 May 2020

CryptoJAMS is back + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

A small piece of News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Crypro Earning Sites

CryptoJAMS is back up and running. YaY!!!

Remember, no need to click on ads daily but it is recommended
if you have the time.

If you buy a staking contract and adpacks, you just need to login
and earnings for that day are added. Semi-Passive.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)

zac1acc68 - 1.0
1power - 1.0
robisonit - 1.0
theike11 - 1.0
theike11 - 0.5
snoopy - 0.5


Keep safe, stay indoors and if you get bored - try a jigsaw puzzle.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)