Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 23 May 2020

NEW - Majestic, P.E paying + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

Some program News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Pure Advertising and Tools

Majestic List
has been added.

You can use Majestic for whatever you like.
Making Money
Advertising - on 6 sites at once
Social Networking
More Perks:

-> Build downlines in 5 other programs.
-> $500 referral contest.
-> 2 Tier commission program
-> Anyone can advertise. Anyone can earn.
-> Massive clicks on ads - because it has A
     LOT of incentive.
-> Social network - Majestic Buddy World.
-> Easy to navigate, nothing complicated.
-> 22 year site owner (March 1998). Here
     to stay for many more years.
-> Neat Gem system to use = earn credits
     for 6 sites at once.
 -> 100% custom site, 1 of a kind.

--The Gem system is unique--

You can send gems to signups, your social
network buddies and to 5 other ad sites.

Top - Lifetime - upgrade taken for Elite here.

Crypto Earning Sites

has now been moved from TESTING to PAYING.

Instantly pays out to BitCoin with the option of choosing a regular
or priority fee. As i was testing and because BTC fees are so high
just now anyway, I chose the regular fee(around 3%) and it was
confirmed within 30 minutes.

You will need Google Authenticator to complete a withdrawal so if
you are not familiar with it, jump on YouTube and search for some
video on the subject.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)



Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)