Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 23 May 2020

NEW outline/review - PANGEA

Another of the program outlines and/or reviews is below. The
link to this post will be on Pure Advertising + Tools.


Running since - April 2017
Members(as of post date) - 125,750

A huge mailer with 125,000+ members, split into five groups.

Unlike other mailers, not only is your ad sent - you also get a
banner, text ad and your subject line link is added to the next
mailing by any member. That is a lot of promotion from one
click(once set up).

There is a flat rate of 10,000 credits to send to any of the five
groups. You can choose a different group each time you send,
you are not tied to the one group.

As an active free member, you should be able to send a mail
every four or five days. You'll get 10% commission for refs.

Upgraded members can send daily or at the higher upgrades,
more than once a day. Prices are very reasonable and are
Lifetime so you don't need to worry about subscriptions.
Multiple upgrades available starting at $49 and up to $299.

The best value is the World account at $199 Lifetime. It has
enough credits to send a group mailing EVERY day for LIFE,
no click requirements and is given priority before other mails.
40% commission on this one.

Start free or jump right in with an upgrade but...start. There
is one heck of a list out there, waiting for your ads.

Type of ads available - Email / Banner / Text / Paid banners.
Tools - Save emails and favourites.
Extra - Hatch eggs / Trade earnings for upgrade / Contact refs
/ Sell banners / Trade extra credits for banners.

Commission - 10% Free and up to 50% for Upgraded.

Payment types -
Uphold / PaySimple / Gpay / Coins through
/ Coins through CoinBase / BTC, LTC direct.

Minimum payout - $20