Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 30 November 2019

New sites added plus....I hope you are getting ready.....

Just a quick post to let you know that two mailers have been added.
Both are from Marty Petrizza, one older and one newer.

I've also added AdFlow to the Pure Advertising and Tools page. It is
already on Crypto Earning Sites but this is for the unlimited banners
with the PRO upgrade.

Have a look at the programs below and if you have any questions,
drop me an email.

And.......only ONE WEEK until Elite launches the Matrix - are you in?

Pure Advertising and Tools


A mailer with some unique features added like

Mobile App with tournaments, ads, cash and prizes.
Transfer credits to OTHER sites in the network.
Regular and prime auctions.

In addition, there are 125 and 468 banners, credit mailer,
login ads,
full page ads,
normal solo ads plus premium and extraordinary.

Weekly $10 draws, click qualifiers(with prizes), multi-site splash,
guaranteed unique ip visits, VTG and more.

Upgrades give more ways to advertise and earn, no credits used
mailings, higher commissions etc. Watch out for special offers
- especially lifetime upgrades.

Level 5 members can get 140 guaranteed clicks every three days.

Pay with CoinPayments, Gpay, ORU, Uphold, Venmo, Skrill, Card.
$15 minimum payout with a 75c fee for all types.


A mailer with guaranteed views, like the name suggests. :)

In ad types, there are 468 banners, credit mails,
login ads, full
page ads,
normal solo ads plus premium.

Weekly $10 draws, click qualifiers(with prizes), multi-site splash,
guaranteed unique ip visits, VTG and more.

Upgrades give more ways to advertise and earn, no credits used
mailings, higher commissions etc. Watch out for special offers
- especially lifetime upgrades.

JV members can get 180+ guaranteed clicks every three days.

Pay and be paid with PayPal. Coins/other options should be added.
$15 minimum payout with a 75c fee.


I have already written on this blog about the whole site so if you
want all the details, CLICK HERE or click the AdFlow label.

Below is mainly about the PRO upgrade only, not the Rocket Matrix
or Freedom Units.

A unique, PRO only site offering unlimited banners and clicks.

Banner sizes  - 728 x 90, 300 x 250, 468 x 60 and 125 x 125

Advertising as a PRO
$29 gets you six banners with UNLIMITED impressions and clicks.
The banner types are

3 of 125x125
2 of 468x60
1 of 300x250

You can change the banners at any time AND they are shown on
other sites, not just AdFlow. Much more exposure for your ads
and worth the upgrade.

If you need more unlimited banners, just purchase extra slots.
Extra slot sizes 125 = $3, 468 = $5, 300 = $10.

Earning as a PRO
Refer a PRO member = 50 points. Reach 100 points = $20 paid.
When your referral reaches 100 points, you get $5 and 50 points.

Unlimited PRO earnings and possible renewals after a year. Can
be very powerful if you are able to refer a good number yourself
or you happen to refer someone with a big list. :)

25% commission on Extra Slot purchases - Freedom Units
20% commission on Rocket Matrix purchases
25% commission on Extra Slot purchases - Rocket

Payeer, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay and CoinPayments(BTC,
LTC, ETH etc.) accepted. 7% withdrawal fee. $10 Minimum.


Need anything? Get in touch.


Tuesday, 26 November 2019

News for Tuesday

An update with a few bits of news.

Crypto Earning Sites

They have suspended any new withdrawals until they get caught up
with the backlog. IF withdrawals reopen, you will be able to request
once a week, instead of daily.

Under normal conditions, this type of announcement usually means
that the program is dead....and they are running BUT they actually
could have done that weeks ago, when the servers went down.
And they didn't, they came back and paid withdrawals. So, for at
least a week to ten days, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Since this program has ran way past the expected date anyway, it
will be removed from the banner list. Even if it comes back paying,
I wouldn't put fresh money in now due to age. It will stay on the
paying list until it stops. 


To celebrate one year online, they have a special promo for credit
packages. 10x extra plus 20% off. Get the top package -

30,000 credits for $29

changed to....

300,000 credits for $23.20

Smaller packages available and you can buy as many as you want.

Use the promo code -
1stYearAnniversary - each time you checkout.

Valid until the 30th.


If you have been mining Ethereum with Claymore....and you wonder
why everything stopped - you need to update.

Older versions of Claymore only worked until Epoch 299. Last night,
we hit Epoch 300 so all versions but the new one, ceased to work.

You need Version 15 - Supercharged Edition

Only use the official Claymore thread at BitCoinTalk to download.

Pure Advertising and Tools


While free membership is possible here, it's limited to promoting
the upgrades or ad purchases(10%). Free members cannot send
ads as this is a PRO only site.

What's cool here is that you might already be PRO without even
knowing it! If you are upgraded at any of the forced matrix sites,
you have a PRO membership waiting for you here. Just signup,
making sure your sponsor is 1power(David McKay). Use the same
username and email as your upgraded matrix site and follow the

You can also upgrade to the highest level(Gold) right now for just
$48 - LIFETIME. Highest everything with solid daily earnings plus
60% commission.

Coins and STP to pay and withdraw. $10 minimum.


Need anything? Get in touch.


Saturday, 23 November 2019

Time flies by when you're having fun!

The weekend has landed and it's time to launch the Advertising
part of Elite Co-op. Yay!!!! lol

No idea what I'm talking about? Go here....

With the purchases in pure ad sites for Elite, I can now add them
to this blog as recommendations. Have a look at the programs
below and if you have any questions, drop me an email.

They have also been given a new page and will be updated if
there's any news/additions/removals.

Pure Advertising and Tools


Get your page and text ad shown at over 130 sites. Three lifetime
upgrades with up to ONE MILLION hits. Upgrades are limited and
may not be available at all times(due to the amount of hits).

Unlimited sites plus 20 text ads. Loads of ways to pay and a $20
minimum withdrawal. Commission is 10% to 40% plus 10% on
the second level.

Prime Solo Ads

Get your email ad shown at over 50 sites. Unique in that you use
a base of 1000 credits and a credit is only used on a unique view.
That is a lot of repeat exposure that you are NOT paying for.

If you get less than 1000 unique views in 15 days, the remainder
of your credits are returned.

Two lifetime upgrades are available at very reasonable prices.
Coins or STP to pay, with a $10 minimum withdrawal. Commission
is 10% free, 25% gold and 40% elite.

#1 PopEasy

Over 6,000 members(and rising) to send to. Win BTC while reading.
One lifetime upgrade that comes with 100,000 mail credits plus
10,000 texts and banners monthly. Add to that, a weekly email ad
that uses no credits and a link broadcast all over(change any time).
Can email daily and save up to twelve ads.

Loads of ways to pay and a $20 minimum withdrawal. Commission
is 25% on each of TWO levels.


A DLB, PTC, PTR, BitCoin Tracker, BitCoin Saver Program and more.

The DLB has some questionable sites in it but for the most part, it
has some solid programs. The Saver Program is an interesting part.
Save from balance or add money to get 105% after 60 days(paid on
each day). You can compound that from just 50c - very useful.

Gold and Platinum upgrades are available. These come with loads of
advertising, higher daily click/login earnings and up to the full 100%
commission(starts at 45% and increases through sales).

Coins, PAYEER, STP, PM to pay. $10 minimum withdrawal.

Leads Leap

A great site with VERY useful tools and earning opportuniies that any
advertisers/marketers should have. Traffic, brand building,
link trackers, publisher PPC earning(from tracked links and your site),
daily bonus earnings, credit swaps.....etc, etc. The list just goes on.

Takes a little more time than other sites but there is help all the way
through. If you advertise in any significant way, you should have this.

One upgrade level - monthly. PP and STP for purchase and withdraw.
$10 minimum with a 2% fee for PP and no fee for STP. Free has 25%
commission and the upgrade is 50%.

Profits Lion

Unique features for a "safelist" like login ads, split ad visits plus a
very generous and guaranteed 1,000 visits on every mail sent. With
over 6,200 members to send to and outside advertising, it's a site
you need to add, free or pro.

One upgrade that comes in monthly, yearly or lifetime.

Autosend one email ad every day, unlimited views on your 125x125
banner and login ads, save ads, stats, win weekly prizes, longer
timer and a lot more.
50% commission on first level + 20% second

Loads of ways to pay and a $20 minimum withdrawal. Commission
for free members is 25%


More than ten ways to advertise on a very busy site. Highly active
admin that is constantly improving and adding features. Weekly
prizes for all level of members and you can earn a Pro upgrade
just by being active.

After earning Pro, there is a very cheap upgrade to Gold(with 50%
comms.) and then a higher jump to Diamond(55% comms.).

Coins and Stripe to purchase. Payouts by CoinPayments with a
minimum of $5 on account.

Max Ad Co-op
Max Ad Co-op

On first view, another Co-op with the premise of, you promote
one link and get your link shown at multiple sites. Where it really
starts to stand out, is the upgrade - just $2.97 monthly(3, 6 and
12 months available). Start with a base of 500 credits that turns
into thousands of hits through the month as Admin buys traffic
just for upgraded members.

You can also signup under yourself if you need more advertising.
MUST have an upgraded account to do this, not a free one.

Coins and ORU to purchase.
Payouts by BitCoin and ORU with a
minimum of $10 on account. 30% commission.


Need anything? Get in touch.

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, 17 November 2019

Are you Elite? Pre-Launch NOW!

BRAND NEW - PrizeClickersElite

It's not Monday yet
but I couldn't wait to put this out there.

Pre-Launch until the 7th of December
Unique, Limited Co-op and Bonus RevShare

Go take a look and signup if you like the idea. :)

Why a Pre-Launch?
The blog is 98% finished, just the FAQ and Elite sites to add to.

The plan on ad delivery is taking shape but needs testing. Testing
needs member links and links mean purchases.

Since there is also a RevShare component, starting now will give
us a chance to generate some that some will cycle on
the Matrix launch day.

And of course, Admin duties for members details. It takes a little
time to check details of each new member. The sooner I can get
these details, the more time I will have to advertise after launch.

That is why, even if you are not purchasing now, please fill out the
signup form anyway. I can check and create a file for you and when
you are ready to purchase slots, it will be so much quicker.

Contact Needed

If your name is below, please contact me.

Noel Cazaerck
Hans Henrik Elhauge
Neal Brown


Need anything? Contact me.

David. :)

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Empty seats now but what about Monday?

 Something is coming.....................................

Sunday, 3 November 2019

News for the weekend.

Still looking for two winners and a BizKniz member to get in touch.

If your name is below, please contact me.

Noel Cazaerck
Hans Henrik Elhauge
Neal Brown

Other winners have been notified and prizes delivered. :)

Crypto Earning Sites - NEWS

I have rearranged the links to place them into categories, far easier
to read and now the daily visit sites are next to each other.

The seven programs added to the TESTING section last month, have
now been moved to PAYING. The banner label "TESTING" has also
been removed(sqaure banners to the right).

The programs and links are

8bit Limited

In my post about ProvenAd, I mentioned that the traffic/text credits
were where it fell down a bit. I'm pleased to say that after chatting
with the Admin, he has increased those credits by a factor of 10.

There will be no review written for RevsUptime. Nothing wrong with
the program, it's just a bit too complicated for the casual member.
Multiple split balances and a very high minimum for BTC withdraws.

Recommended for experienced members only.

I will still report on the status if it changes from PAYING.

Excellent little DLB site that is now offering member only splashes.
There are currently two but more being worked on. Interestingly,
the first is for 8bit Limited - good because the normal referral url for
8bit, doesn't work in a frame....but this does.

It contains both your 8bit and Road21BitCoin links. See below.

Site has changed to ALL https links. If you are currently promoting,
it's very important to change all your links from http to https. If you
don't, you will not be earning and have not been for a few days.


Need anything? Contact me.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

David. :)