Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Are you Elite? Pre-Launch NOW!

BRAND NEW - PrizeClickersElite

It's not Monday yet
but I couldn't wait to put this out there.

Pre-Launch until the 7th of December
Unique, Limited Co-op and Bonus RevShare

Go take a look and signup if you like the idea. :)

Why a Pre-Launch?
The blog is 98% finished, just the FAQ and Elite sites to add to.

The plan on ad delivery is taking shape but needs testing. Testing
needs member links and links mean purchases.

Since there is also a RevShare component, starting now will give
us a chance to generate some that some will cycle on
the Matrix launch day.

And of course, Admin duties for members details. It takes a little
time to check details of each new member. The sooner I can get
these details, the more time I will have to advertise after launch.

That is why, even if you are not purchasing now, please fill out the
signup form anyway. I can check and create a file for you and when
you are ready to purchase slots, it will be so much quicker.

Contact Needed

If your name is below, please contact me.

Noel Cazaerck
Hans Henrik Elhauge
Neal Brown


Need anything? Contact me.

David. :)