Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Expanded News + Cycling!

Hey everyone.

Some more expanded news tonight + cycling.

USD Coin(USDC) added to PCE for purchases and payouts

USDC is a stable coin and can be found in your Coinbase
account. Use it like any other coin to send, receive or trade.

As it is a "stable" coin, it makes no difference whether the
market is moving up or down - the value is tied to the US
Dollar at all times.

Good for people worried about volatility in prices. If you
have $10, it will always be $10.

No need to update anything for current members. Signup
forms have been changed for new members.

MEGA50 collect coins removed from blog

Nothing wrong with the program or coins.

Two things led to the removal.

1. The code doesn't work properly in just one way. All is
fine except for one banner that NEVER displays. I thought
it was a blog issue but I see it on other sites too.

2. No auto-size. The size doesn't work for other pages on
the blog. Fine for most but it doesn't play well with Google

ETH/PP offer still open until the 13th

Offer now closed and thanks!

Sometimes a really good offer will come up and it's either
time limited or payment type limited. In this case, it was

Other offers may come up but these will be VERY rare.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)



Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

OneAdPack removes revshare - new ad site coming.

Hey everyone.

Some expanded news tonight.

OneAdPack(OAP) closes Revshare - refunds coming.

If your program is in trouble, either through the way it was
constructed or from outside influences, try your best to fix
the problem.

If you can't find the answer(there may not be one),it's time
to put in place a system that will cause the least amount of
damage to your members.

OAP seem to have done this. I applaud them. :)

The message from the members area is below.

OneAdPack(OAP) message

We have to admit that with this site we have failed.

We have been too optimistic and having opened in a
flouriscing market period, we have not considered every

Starting with the Coinbase account blocked that have put
us on our knees, the situation started to collapse until the
Covid-19 has arrived, giving to us the finishing blow.

It is now clear that the only way to restart it would be to
follow a profit sharing model but, at this stage it is already
too late.

So we have decided to Close the Adpack side of OneAdPack.

Although our Terms of Service would allow us to just close
and say bye, this is not in our style, and we would never
do it.

and this is what will happen at OneAdPack:


The members who have spend LESS  than what they have
CASHOUT can stay with their account zeroed and use the
site for their advertising/promotion.


Members that have spent MORE than CASHOUT:

   - They  stay with their account set with a refund
     balance equal to the difference between the SPENT and
     the CASHOUT.
     (example for clarity, if you had spent $10 and cashout
     $5, your refund
     balance will be  $5).
   - They can then buy Adpacks for part of their refund
     They will be gradually refunded through this system.
   - Once expired (at 100%) the first block of refund
     adpacks you will be
     able to buy another one until you will be refunded 100%
     of all your spent.
     During all these phases you will always be able to
     cashout your money
     whenever you reach the minimum to cashout.
   - Adpacks will expire at 100%. This is a refund system,
     not an earning one.

Surfing will not be necessary, unless one want to accumulate
credits for their own promotion.

The Adpack system will be private for old members NOT in
profit ONLY.
No NEW members will be allowed to use it.

The site will be changed into a regular advertising site just
for promoting, and new members will only use the ad part.

We are already working on the site for these change to take
effect and the refund system will start on the 24th of August.

Mark Dosier 


Even though we are due nothing, I fully support this move.

It was a fast moving time for revshares when OAP launched.
A few programs that may have run for a long time, quickly
folded and walked away - not helping the customer base of
OAP. OAP did not walk away, they paused - maybe a week
too late but they stopped the rot and MASSIVE future debt.

Looking forward to adding another PURE advertising site
and removing OAP from HOLD.


Storm here while typing. Loud!!!!

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Quick headlines - details coming.

Hey everyone.

Some quick headlines before I go to bed.

More detail on these will be coming in the next few days.

And the headlines are.........

OAP closes Revshare - refunds coming.

USDC added to PCE for purchases and payouts.

MEGA50 collect coins removed from blog.

ETH/PP offer still open until the 13th.


Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Special Offer for PCE + USDC.

Hey everyone.

I hope you have your eyeballs cleaned and ready. :)

USDC will be added soon for purchases and payouts.

SPECIAL OFFER for old/new PCE Members

Until the 13th of August only.

Purchase any position(s) with Ethereum or PayPal*, get
the full 120% on cycling - no fee deducted.

*Get in touch for this payment type. PayPal purchases when
cycled, can be paid out in a number of coins or PayPal.


More updates are coming in the next couple of weeks.
Criteria/Direction/Focus. Unicorns? You never know.....

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Some News and the delayed Cycling.

Hey everyone.

Saturday Wednesday Cycling!

Just to preface this by saying, there would have been four
positions cycled this week. Due to what happened with DFC,
plans have had to be rearranged and what should now be
zero positions, will be two. YaY!!!!

If it should be zero, why two?

1power = me

Multiple 1power positions are now sitting on top of the matrix
and that gives me the flexibility to pay the random position
and not my own. My cycled position(s) will be deferred until
there are five to be added.

Remember that I DO NOT take a single cent from any of the
purchases in PCE. 1power positions pay out and then I buy
another position, just like you. Any "profit" goes toward PC
and PCE purchases in the future.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)



Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Blockchain TCG - Synergy of Serra and Dark Country.

Hey everyone.

The third of a number of updates is below.

With the disappearance of DFC, plans for the future have
been set back a little but we will get there. :)

Adding some good news.

Blockchain TCG - NEW

Added to Crypto Earning Sites for now. Two sites that are in
Pre Launch with packs available to purchase.

Synergy of Serra

Link to a great write up from Chris Roberts(Splinterlands) is
here ----> SOS WRITE UP

Dark Country


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.


Monday, 3 August 2020

DiversityFundClub - Fast exit - Gone!

Hey everyone.

The second of a number of updates is below.


Crypto Earning Sites


DFC GONE -----> "Padre Edmund" has left the building.

FaceBook group has been archived so you can't post. This has
happened in the last 12 hours, as coin prices turned downward
on a day by day high..........

Not going to comment on the exit message below EXCEPT for
one thing - starting it by saying FAMILY is a slap in the face to
every single member that supported you when you needed it.

Actually, one more comment is below the full message.

Hello Family!

This is the last post of "Edmund and Admin2"...

Thank you for this 3,5 beautiful years girls and boys. This program
was a miracle for Us and we think for you too (most of you).

We reformed the revshare industry 3 years ago and showed to the
world it can be doing better than others. You can see how many
programs collapsed during this 3,5 years! We always paid, we were
always uptime in 99% of the days.

And what led Us here?... We paid always without any restrictions
and the COVID-crisis. We paid when you paid in at a 10k BTC price
and we paid back on 5k too... and even our script does not showed
our correct financial status.

Well! Most of you made huge profits with Us... enormous profits!
And we made many peoples life better.

Our last operations was: We paid all of the other programs' admins
correctly so we will not the cause if their programs collapsing - not
because of Us! So the admins of our portfolios got their moneys!

So thank you very much all of you this 3,5 years - it is time to rest
a bit. We wish you a better life and be careful, the financial status
of the world is going crazy... and a more deeper crisis ahead of Us!

- Edmund (Padre) and Admin2 -

I have difficulty with the the truth of this part of the message.

Our last operations was: We paid all of the other programs' admins
correctly so we will not the cause if their programs collapsing - not
because of Us! So the admins of our portfolios got their moneys!

No, you never. I have received nothing back for PCelite members.

Here's a reminder if you have forgotten, username - pcelite - any
funds from that account will be greatly received by our members.


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.