Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

News for Tuesday

An update with a few bits of news.

Crypto Earning Sites

They have suspended any new withdrawals until they get caught up
with the backlog. IF withdrawals reopen, you will be able to request
once a week, instead of daily.

Under normal conditions, this type of announcement usually means
that the program is dead....and they are running BUT they actually
could have done that weeks ago, when the servers went down.
And they didn't, they came back and paid withdrawals. So, for at
least a week to ten days, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Since this program has ran way past the expected date anyway, it
will be removed from the banner list. Even if it comes back paying,
I wouldn't put fresh money in now due to age. It will stay on the
paying list until it stops. 


To celebrate one year online, they have a special promo for credit
packages. 10x extra plus 20% off. Get the top package -

30,000 credits for $29

changed to....

300,000 credits for $23.20

Smaller packages available and you can buy as many as you want.

Use the promo code -
1stYearAnniversary - each time you checkout.

Valid until the 30th.


If you have been mining Ethereum with Claymore....and you wonder
why everything stopped - you need to update.

Older versions of Claymore only worked until Epoch 299. Last night,
we hit Epoch 300 so all versions but the new one, ceased to work.

You need Version 15 - Supercharged Edition

Only use the official Claymore thread at BitCoinTalk to download.

Pure Advertising and Tools


While free membership is possible here, it's limited to promoting
the upgrades or ad purchases(10%). Free members cannot send
ads as this is a PRO only site.

What's cool here is that you might already be PRO without even
knowing it! If you are upgraded at any of the forced matrix sites,
you have a PRO membership waiting for you here. Just signup,
making sure your sponsor is 1power(David McKay). Use the same
username and email as your upgraded matrix site and follow the

You can also upgrade to the highest level(Gold) right now for just
$48 - LIFETIME. Highest everything with solid daily earnings plus
60% commission.

Coins and STP to pay and withdraw. $10 minimum.


Need anything? Get in touch.