Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 3 November 2019

News for the weekend.

Still looking for two winners and a BizKniz member to get in touch.

If your name is below, please contact me.

Noel Cazaerck
Hans Henrik Elhauge
Neal Brown

Other winners have been notified and prizes delivered. :)

Crypto Earning Sites - NEWS

I have rearranged the links to place them into categories, far easier
to read and now the daily visit sites are next to each other.

The seven programs added to the TESTING section last month, have
now been moved to PAYING. The banner label "TESTING" has also
been removed(sqaure banners to the right).

The programs and links are

8bit Limited

In my post about ProvenAd, I mentioned that the traffic/text credits
were where it fell down a bit. I'm pleased to say that after chatting
with the Admin, he has increased those credits by a factor of 10.

There will be no review written for RevsUptime. Nothing wrong with
the program, it's just a bit too complicated for the casual member.
Multiple split balances and a very high minimum for BTC withdraws.

Recommended for experienced members only.

I will still report on the status if it changes from PAYING.

Excellent little DLB site that is now offering member only splashes.
There are currently two but more being worked on. Interestingly,
the first is for 8bit Limited - good because the normal referral url for
8bit, doesn't work in a frame....but this does.

It contains both your 8bit and Road21BitCoin links. See below.

Site has changed to ALL https links. If you are currently promoting,
it's very important to change all your links from http to https. If you
don't, you will not be earning and have not been for a few days.


Need anything? Contact me.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

David. :)