Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 16 May 2020

MPT is now MEC + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

A little bit of News and Saturday cycling for Elite is here.

Not had a lot of time this past week and the same may be true
for this coming week. If you get in touch, a reply may take just
a little bit longer than usual.


Has now become MyEurekaClub(MEC). If you were a member
of MPT, you can login to MEC with the same username and pass
you had at MPT.

My Eureka Club

All your details and referrals have been transferred to MEC but
if you kept funds in MPT, they will not be transferred - you need
to do this yourself.

Withdraw ERK from MPT to your wallet. Once confirmed, deposit
your ERK in MEC and buy adpacks. Each pack is 100 ERK and will
expire at 150%.

Time short or this would have been much longer. Get in touch if
you need more and I'll post those towards the end of the week.


-----To the Cycled(Elite)

robisonit - 1.0
RobsTeam - 1.0
theike11 - 0.5
1power - 0.5

All 0.5 positions have now been cleared from the matrix. YaY!


Keep safe, stay indoors and if you get bored - Yoga or Pilates?

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)