Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 29 January 2017

January coming to an end, Christmas is now closer. lol

Hi everyone.

The Badge Hunt is over, CSN have won Season 8(congrats!)
and in the last few days, there was a small contest run through
the list(it sometimes pays to subscribe and read messages).

The Cash winners were

1 - Bouisaghouane Aymane - $1.50
2 - Kathy Dyer - $1.00
3 - Thea Penders - $0.50
4 - Norbert Ladner - $0.50

A "main" Contest will be coming in February or if I can also tie
it into some other event, it could be earlier/later.

Blog Update - Faucets

Added links to good coin wallets and faucet info to the Faucets
page. I will expand on wallets later but for now, read everything
at the links posted and most importantly - write everything down
as you join.

There are more Direct Payment sites to add and then it will be
the turn of a micro-wallet site FaucetHub - nearly 1,800 faucets
but some of them you would need to wrap your computer in ten
safety blankets just to use them. I'll test and then highlight some
of the better sites.

A last word on a site I see being advertised more - BitMiner.
Think about it logically and then, stop doing it. If you have went
as far as to install the app/extension - clean your computer as
soon as possible.


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Best wishes.

David McKay

Prize Clickers Admin