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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Has it been that long and where did everyone go(owners)?

Hi everyone.

I hadn't realised it was this long since I posted on the blog. :(

Apart from an increased workload, some injury related issues
and a holiday(The Netherlands - beautiful country - visit if you
can), there was of course the PayPal saga......

I'm not going to write a long post as the topic has been done
to death by now. Okay, I'm not promising anything. lol

PayPal(PP) and where did the owners go?

I watched PP go through RevShares like a hot knife through
butter, which is what I expected to happen as they are ponzis.

Then some marketing, product and content sites were hit with
limitations. That was the first shock and then membership sites
like AIOP. Paid to Clicks then seemed to be on the radar and
next stop was Traffic Exchanges and Mailers. They seemed to
be going after everyone that mentioned anything to do with
making money, even indirectly.

That gave me pause, a long pause. Time to think about what I
had been planning and unfortunately(or maybe fortunately),
cancel those plans. They may be resurrected in the future but
in a different format, we'll see how things go.

Recently, it's all been about - Guess who is going to leave next.

The amount of exchange/mailer owners that just walked away
without word or an apology to their members was shocking. I 
know that losing PP could be 90% of your business but you
could have sent a message explaining that. Some people had
spent months/years at your sites - they at least deserved five
minutes of your time to write an email.

Some who left were a surprise, others were not. Some of the
biggest surprises are a few that are still here.....

A quick word on Paul of Dream Fuel Traffic. He has left for
legitimate reasons and instead of just shutting down, placed
his exchange in the very capable hands of Land Marketing.
The way he approached everything spoke volumes to the
character of the man. This type of owner will be sadly missed.

On that subject, I applaud those who have stayed AND are
actively fighting to move business forward. Those owners
should flourish in an environment where the bored hobby
owner or an owner with no backup plan has left(or is about to).
They will need your support and I don't necessarily mean it to
be financial. Surf, promote, take part in contests, write a few 
blog posts, get on social media.

Support your favourite owners and get busy!

A last word on those who simply walked away. It may be hard
to take as you could have upgrades, credits, referrals now lost
but think of it this way.

They walked away at the first big problem. If the PP problem
had not happened now but in six months......that would have
been an extra six months of your time wasted.

Things do seem to have calmed down now and there are plenty
of sites that have kept PP or are adding it back in. The problem
with this is, I imagine owners are waking every morning thinking
- is it my turn now?
Not a good situation to be in but you need to make the best of
a bad situation. If it happens, it happens and no amount of 
worrying about is is going to do you any good.

Okay, I could actually go on and on so I'll stop for some better
news. Some things to cheer people up. :)

Badge Hunt coming!

January 15th to the 25th(?)

I will have TEN badge in this Hunt. Nowhere near finished on
the details of any of them but I'll get there. May not be on the
15th but I will give at least a full week to complete them.

More details will follow.

Prize Clickers Contest coming!

At the latest, February.

I had intended to run it while the Badge Hunt is on but there is
not going to be enough time to do both. Mmmm......if I can grow
another few pairs of arms in the next couple of days...... lol

What happens in the Badge Hunt will now influence the Contest.
Higher activity, better prizes. Low activity...well, you get it. 


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Best wishes.

David McKay

Prize Clickers Admin