Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 15 August 2019

New site added - WePayCommissions

New site added - WePayCommissions Crypto Earning Sites
The program added today is......


This has been around for approx. 10 months and is paying.

A 3x13 Forced Matrix with a theoretical payout of $597,871
for a full matrix. Okay, this is never going to happen unless
it explodes to the wider public but there are levels to aim for
with healthy $ payouts.

Earn/buy credits and use those to purchase anything on site.

>6 ways to advertise
>100% distributed commissions
>Gold Membership on first $7 purchase
>Ever increasing credits(see blue text below)
>3000 free credits on joining
>4 x different types of contest to win $7 positions for free
>Lucky draw to win a $7 position

No subscriptions, just purchase what and when you need.
No daily requirements - click/login when you want.

You can ALWAYS stay a free member but if you want to start
earning quickly, buy at least one $7 position to give you Gold
Membership, advertising and a matrix entry.

Ever Increasing Credits

This is a great feature that rewards purchases and gives an
incentive to build your matrix deep.

When you buy your first position, you get

>7000 credits to spend on advertising
>A matrix position to earn from
>Lifetime Gold Membership for higher credits and comms.

Every position you buy after your first, will give you MORE than
7,000 credits to spend.


If you have seven positions and you want to buy your eighth,
you will get 12,600 credits - instead of 7,000.

The more you buy, the more matrix positions you have and the
cheaper the advertising gets. :)

Earning as a FREE member
Free members earn the amount of credits for activity as below.

Logging in daily - 50

Verified referral - 100
Solo ad visit - 10
Featured solo ad visit - 20
Admin news - 50
Banner/Text ad clicks - variable
Random referrals - no

Can earn all four types of Merit Rewards(activity, promotion,
referrals and sales).*

Matrix commissions - NO
Random referrals - NO

20% direct commission from referrals(use for a Gold upgrade).

As a free member, you want as many credits as possible to earn
the Gold upgrade so use everything available.

When you have 20,000 credits, you can convert to a position.

Earning as a GOLD member
Purchase(or earn for free) your first matrix position for $7 and
you are now a Gold Member.

Gold Members earn the amount of credits for activity as below.

Logging in daily - 100

Verified referral - 300
Solo ad visit - 20
Featured solo ad visit - 50
Admin news - 100
Banner/Text ad clicks - variable

Can earn all four types of Merit Rewards(activity, promotion,
referrals and sales).*

Matrix commissions - YES
Random referrals - YES

43% direct commission on referrals first purchase.

When you have 20,000 credits, Gold can convert to a position
as well as Free members.

Quick Bites
SolidTrustPay and CoinPayments(BTC, LTC, ETH etc.) accepted.

$7 purchases and $7 min withdrawals per position.

There is a constant flow of Solo Ads and Banners/Text Ads to click.
Use them daily to boost your points and remember to take part in
the Merit Contests and Lucky Draw.

If you have $28 to start, use it for FOUR positions. It will fill your
first level, guaranteeing you double matrix commissions and also
giving YOU $10.50 back immediately.

Has been running and consistently paying for nine+ months.

Well thought out structure and good activity by members. Many
ways to advertise and earn, even for free members. 

If you're a Matrix fan, it's an essential pick for your portfolio.


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
question before/after you join,
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)

*Merit rewards, if won, must be converted to matrix positions.