Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Some updates on earning sites tonight....

Some updates on earning sites tonight.... A few updates on earning sites. Check below.

Crypto Earning Sites - Moved or Added

The sites below are new and paying OR have been paying for a while.
Those I have not yet written about are marked with a ^.

While it would be best to write about the sites first, that takes time.
Time where you could be checking out the site and earning. :)

CryptoJAMS - Moved from TESTING to PAYING.

Added to PAYING

WePayCommissions ^ - forced matrix starts at $7.
DiversityFund ^ - well managed passive fund starts at $25.
BitxTraffic ^ - flexible pricing with great ad options and earning.
AdFeedz ^ - low daily earnings but large advertising audience.
WeeklyICO ^ - low reward but passive and compounding balance.
MyAddsUp ^ - higher reward than most, higher risk.

The above list is also a reminder to me......get writing. lol


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)