Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 19 August 2019

New site added - DiversityFund

New site added - DiversityFund Crypto Earning Sites
The program added today is......


This has been running for just over three years(August 11th)
and is verified as paying.

Diversity Fund is a different type of program to the others
on the blog. It pools members money, joins programs or
opportunities and shares the revenue earned. 

Can be completely passive, no need to do anything to earn.

Active Admin and Facebook Group so help is always there.

No upgrades, just buy Profit-Packs. Daily PTC available.

Average earnings are around 5% per week and have been
stable for a long time.


Earning as a FREE member
You can start as a free member and earn a little from the
Business Directory(PTC) but at some point, you need to rent
a Profit-Pack.

You cannot earn from referrals as a free member.

Earning as a PAYING member
Rent a DP25 Profit-Pack for $25, get ad credits and up to 120%.
Maximum packs available at this level - 20 = $500.

Max out that type and you can now....

Rent a DP50 Profit-Pack for $50, get ad credits and up to 125%.
Maximum packs available at this level - 50 = $2500.

8% on Referral purchases.

Quick Bites
PerfectMoney, Payeer, CoinPayments(BTC, LTC, ETH etc.) and
Main Balance(compounding) accepted.

Withdrawals - $5 minimum, $300 maximum(per day),
5% fee.

You can never have more than 70 Packs in total = $3000.

Although revenue is reported weekly, earnings are added daily.

Use the PTC when you can. Those extra few cents really build up
and can help towards the purchase of another Profit-Pack or can
offset the withdrawal fee.

If you are going to build your account through time, work out the
amount of Packs you are aiming for. Make that your target and
stick to it.

A well managed program that spreads the risk among a handful
of promising or solid programs plus their own unique opportunities.

Since about 80% of the programs they have....I would choose, it's
a logical step for me to recommend it.


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
question before/after you join,
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)