Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 1 October 2020

PCE almost closed + CONTESTS! coming needed. :)

Hey everyone.

We are sitting at almost 95% of capacity in positions. There
are only 27 positions until closure of purchases completely.

Reminder that those 27 positions are for current members.
If you have no purchases in the past, you cannot buy now.

One way you could get a prize in the Contest!

Some news below and more to come.


I will be bringing the old contests back by the end of year.

There has to be an appetite for them so........GET EXCITED!

Ummm, please? lol

One contest is 100% guaranteed to run. The results of that
will let us know if they could be a regular feature or we just
consign them to history and move on.

I want a bit of fun for YOU and myself. In order to do that,
we will need a decent amount of people to join in. Upwards
of 15 who are really active but preferably 25+.

Simple contests -
get a tracking link, promote it everywhere
you can legally - EASY.
Highest amount of valid hits....wins
the top prize.

Prizes for 2nd to xx place and possibly prizes for all members
who send xx amount to the links. That could be prizes for all.

We will be promoting one or two of the Forced Matrix sites
to start with....then changing monthly if it works out.

May add a random ad site to promote as well.





No need to be a member of any of them but it would be a
good idea to be. Suggestions on which site(s) to start with
are welcome.

On the suggestions........ALL are welcome for the launch
of new contests and the way they could be structured. Just
drop me an email with your thoughts.

There is time but you know what that is like, it goes fast.


Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)