Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 14 June 2020

DFC hold, OAP testing, Revs pack drop + Saturday Cycling!

Hey everyone.

Some snippets of news and Saturday Cycling!


DFC has been moved to HOLD. They are currently moving to
a new address and script(Titan).

If you are a member, please login and click on the news. All
the details are there but basically.......

To migrate to the new site......

1. Login to your old account and take a few screenshots.
2. Join at the new site with the EXACT username and email
address that you used on the old site.
3. Send a ticket on the new site, asking to migrate your old
4. Wait until you get contacted and follow the instructions.

To stay on the current site and not migrate.......

Read the updates in your account or preferably, join the FB
group(link in the members area). This will give you up to
date information on how the old site will operate after the
members have migrated to the new one.


OAP is a lot closer to coming back in the near future. They
have been running a limited testing of the whole program
for the last couple of weeks.

You can login and surf sites. If you have a cash balance, you
can purchase some adpacks to join testing(maximum of 5).


Amount of available packs to purchase, has been reduced
again. The only levels that have stayed the same are Trade
and Starter. Looks like they are possibly getting rid of the
middle four, step by step.

The reason? Don't know for sure but speculating......

They were talking about a new program being ready soon
and then Covid-19 hit. They could be getting down to two
levels(rather than six), to integrate with a new program.

Or the reduction in levels is just to make it easier to run the
two programs when the new one arrives.

Or something else entirely! lol


-----To the Cycled(Elite)


THREE!!! Yes, three. Since there will be 17 positions cycled
on the 17th, it makes sense to do three today. Two top and
one random as the 17 will all be random.


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)