Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Sunday News - MyAddsUp Removal

Hey all, I hope you're having a great weekend.

Tonight, I was going to write a long post about MyAddsUp,
M2MDonations and CryptoPros. Then I remembered that
there are no direct PC members in any of them(that I know
of) I've cut it short, just for the casual blog reader.

Although, knowing me - this could get long anyway!

I'm going to presume you know about MAU but if you don't,
you can go back to previous posts by searching MyAddsUp.

I introduced this in August after it had been paying for four
months. At the time, I mentioned that it had lasted longer
than expected so was a higher risk than other programs.

It carried on paying, surpassing all expectations...until it
ran into the problem that all of these programs do.

Money going out was more than coming in.

Before that, they had DDos attacks against them, server
issues, support problems etc. - all of which they actually
came through(the signs of a VERY good Admin) but you
simply can't escape the problem of money.

Admin, obviously not wanting to give in and shut up shop,
now has decisions to make. It is here where she has failed,
after being excellent all the way through.

She closes withdrawals to catch up on the backlog and to be
fair, there are multiple reports of payments going out BUT
she has not closed earning or even cut earnings. Those are
now building up every single day that withdraws are closed.

I'm not going to list all the errors but the one above is a
killer by itself and the one below is just poor research.

Needing cash to carry on, she introduced a "Team Build" in
a site called M2MDonations. Now, I have always said to
stay away from Donation/Gifting programs but as this was
going to help members of MAU(and I was curious), I joined.

M2M = Member 2 Member. This is the normal way these
work. You pay someone directly and then get members
below who each pay direct to YOUR account. NOT HERE.

Money goes somewhere(I imagine Admin) and is then held
until you qualify by having three referrals below you. Mmm,
okay. Well, it's a Team Build so I guess there will be some
refs placed below me. Yay! Within 2 days there are three
below. BUT WAIT! Only one counts as the others were not
DIRECT but from spillover....WTF! lol

I could go on but suffice to say - I paid and my one direct has
paid - that money is somewhere in the ether.........

Oh and the Team Build? From I think the 18th of last month,
I have one referral and that referral has never had one(and
he joined right behind me).

My last note on M2M - how can EVERYONE have three directs?


Withdrawals are still closed, three weeks later. That is three
weeks of accounts getting fatter by the day and pushing the
debt even higher.

There is another "Team Build" as you login. I'm guessing M2M
went so well, they wanted another(ahem, sarcasm). This one
is CryptoPros and you will know my feelings on that one.

Use the ads in your account as they are still working but please
don't count on getting any more money out. The figures in your
members area are just that - figures.

If you do get money out, it's a bonus. And if it's 0.002 BTC, that
might be my M2M donation! lol

In closing - NOT a scam. I believe she tried really hard and she
did make this work, MUCH longer than similar sites. The money
simply caught up with the program and when that happens, it's
very difficult to recover.


MyAddsUp will now be removed from the blog, except for posts.

Need anything? Get in touch.