Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Here ya go............

Announcing the Contest and other News NEW Contest
Details of the Contest are all set and you can find them to the right
of this post or you can click below. There are also TERMS posted.

Contest - NEW!

Contest - Terms

Good luck when it starts and remember, if you have a question, I
will be here to answer.

Crypto Earning Sites

There are seven programs added to the TESTING section. Banners
have also been added to the right of the blog and are identified with
...........TESTING next to the name. Yeah, kinda obvious. lol

Once they demonstrate a payment history, they will be moved to
PAYING and the TESTING label removed from the banner.

All other banners on the right are from the PAYING section. If there
are ever any problems with those, I will report it here.

If you join any of the programs below and experience any issues, let
me know. We need to protect each other in this "Online Wild West".

The programs and links are

8bit Limited

Full information about each, will be posted over the next few weeks.


Need anything? Contact me.

Have a great weekend!

David. :)