Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers


Contests are open to everyone, unless stated in the contest page.

You can be involved in any contest as long as you signup before
or during the contest period. The dates will be clearly mentioned
in any posts or pages.

Any specific requirements needed to qualify for a contest will
be posted with the current contest. These could include, needing
to be upgraded or getting a minimum amount of points.

Prizes and Winners
If a contest involves cash prizes, these will be paid in BTC - LTC
or ETH. If you don't have a wallet for any of these and will not
get a wallet, do not enter.

If the contest involves advertising, adpacks, positions etc. then
there is no cash alternative - please do not ask.

If the contest involves prizes at one or more of the 5 x Forced
Matrix sites, you will need to be a direct downline member of at
LEAST one(free or upgraded). If you are not a member, you will
be sent a link to join.

Prizes may be changed at any time. This could happen if a site
goes down or has problems with adding prizes.

You will be contacted if you win a prize. If I do not have a valid
email/FB/Discord etc. for you, I will ask in a post on the blog.

If I do not get a reply from a winner in 60 days, prize is forfeit.

If for any reason you will not or cannot accept a prize, I will try
to change it for something else. If you cannot accept any of the
alternatives offered, prize will be forfeit.

What is an UPGRADED PC Member?

UPGRADED PC members are those that have directly joined and
upgraded in a site currently listed on this blog(in our downline of
course). This includes ELITE members with an ACTIVE position.

If you are not sure, just drop me a message and I will confirm.

You can also upgrade in any site, before the contest or during.

Cheap upgrades at the Forced Matrix sites are available from

CryptoBulls - 0.02 LTC / $1.95(approx. at time of writing)
PIFexplosion - $4.90
BizKniz - $3.99
WePayCommissions - $7.00
BannerAdBlaster - $9.80


Get in touch at any time if you have questions.

My details are on the Contact page.