Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 2 September 2019

New site added - AdFeedz

New site added - AdFeedz Crypto Earning Sites
The program added today is......


There are way too many features on this site for a single post so
I will highlight the basics below. I'll add another couple of posts
later in the week about the ad options and Pools.

If anyone suggests another topic, I'll do that too.

Running since November 16th 2018 and is verified paying.

While there is a RevShare component to the program, it should
not be the ONLY reason to join. Adfeedz has a large and active
membership so your site will get viewed.

37 Million views delivered - 36,000 members

It also offers a few marketing tools and some of the most varied
ad options I've ever seen. This is what gives the program value.

PPC Banners
Network PPC Banners
Website in Frame
Website in New Tab
Full Page Login Ads
My Text Offer
Alexa Booster
Proud Sponsor
AdFeedz Cards

Tools - Page Builder, URL Rotator, StickyNote, Portfolio

Think of it as a Traffic Exchange on steroids.

No upgrades are available. All members earn the same credits.

Earning as a FREE member
Surfing daily can earn you a few cents from the Surf Pool. If any
funds are available from the Surf Pool
you will see a green button
at the end of the day.
Click it to surf ONE site and your earnings
are added.

Random prizes are given out during surfing - anything between
$0.001(most common) and $5.00.

Can win random amounts(or none) from Card Flip Game.

Free members get 10% on direct referral purchases.

Earning as a PAYING member
Buy any Credit Package or a Bucket Bundle to be considered a
paying member(Active Profit Contract - see below).

Credit Packages are $7.25 - $14.50 and $29.00
Bucket Bundles are $19.50 and $39.00

All purchases come with "Profit Contracts" and can return up to
120%. These are all based on sales so the amount daily could
be from zero to 1%. As I said before, do not join just for this.

As with free members, you earn from the Surf Pool. As a paid
member, you will also earn from the Global and Group Pools.

In addition, if you have referrals that are paid members, you
get 10% direct commission plus any earnings from the Team
Pool(10 Levels Deep).

If any funds are available from the FOUR Pools you will see one
or more green buttons at the end of the day.
Click them, surf
ONE site each and your earnings are added.

Quick Bites
MainBalance(or your earnings), PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay,
Payeer and CoinPayments(more than just BTC) accepted.

Withdrawals - $10 minimum for all methods -
7% fee for BTC

Payouts are quick. Usually within 24-48 hours from request.

There are regular promo codes that give discounts and extra
credits on the Credit Packages, wait for them if you can.

If you are going to promote, buy at least one Bucket Bundle,
along with Credit Packages. Buckets have features especially
suited for promoters.

With so many features for an advertiser, it's a program that all
should join and take advantage of.

It's not a fast earner unless you have a pile of active referrals
but it is consistent. If sales are made that day, they get added
to the pools. No sales, no Pool money. You'll notice a jump in
the Pools when there is a sale or promo code available.

Simply put - if you advertise, you should be here.


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
question before/after you join,
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)