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Prize Clickers

Saturday, 7 September 2019

AdFeedz - Advertising Options

AdFeedz - Advertising Options Crypto Earning Sites - AdFeedz

Advertising Options Explained

PPC(Pay-Per-Click) Banners
If you buy banner impressions, you pay for views of your banner.
With PPC Banners, you only pay when someone actually clicks on
your banner and visits your site.

Banner Sizes : 125x125 - 300x250 - 468x90
Click Cost : 100 Credits

Network PPC Banners
Exactly the same as above but your banners are shown on not
just AdFeedz but other sites in the Network(six other sites at the
time of writing).

Banner Sizes : 125x125 - 300x250 - 468x90
Click Cost : 100 Credits

Website in Frame
Just like normal surfing at a Traffic Exchange.

Timer : 10s
Visit Cost : 4 Credits

Website in New Tab
For sites that break frames or if you just want the viewer to see
a full page, this is the option for you. Opens the site in a new tab
with no frame surrounding it.

Timer : 10s
Visit Cost : 6 Credits

Full Page Login Ads
When you see "Login Ads" mentioned, these are sometimes a
text ad or banner placed on the Login page.

At AdFeedz, you get to display a full page within a frame to all
members when they login to their account. If the member looks
at another page, the timer stops until they return(forced view).

Timer : 10s - forced view
Visit Cost : 20 Credits

My Text Offer
Like a Text Ad, Email and Page View all wrapped up in one place.

>Members view your one line description for 5s.
>Then they are shown your full ad(video, graphics and text
   allowed) for 10s.
>Finally, they visit your site in a new tab for 10s.

Timer : 25s combined
Visit Cost : 20 Credits

Alexa Booster
This is PTC(PaidToClick) as the member is rewarded in cash, not
credits. Fastest way to get a large number of hits to your site.

Side note - You get 500 to 1,000 of these in the Bucket Bundles.

Timer : 10s - forced view
Cost : From $3.90 per 1,000. Discount for higher purchases.

Proud Sponsor
Your 728x90 banner is placed in the most prized positions through
the site. You get unlimited impressions and clicks for your chosen

Cost : $29 for 7 days - $49 for 15 days - $79 for 30 days.

AdFeedz Cards
This is like a FaceBook post and could be text or text + a banner.

It is shown at random(unless you buy Featured) in the Dashboard
area and stays active for 30 days. Unlimited impressions/clicks.

Featured will keep your post at the top for every member.

Cost : 500 credits for 30 days.
Featured Cost : 500 credits + $9.75 for 30 days.


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)