Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 13 April 2017

It's my Birthday soon......that means PRIZES!!!!!

Birthday Update It's my Birthday soon......YaHoo!!!!! so I'll be giving some prizes
out as.......I can't send them to myself. lol

All you need to do is, send me a message that says

I'm in the Birthday Draws!

You also need to be my referral somewhere of course.

Send the message by Twitter, Email, Facebook, CTP, Skype, Post
or just shout it out your window(if you live in my street). :)

You have until May 15th to qualify. If you are not currently a
member of my downline anywhere, there are plenty of options
on the blog and most are free to join. Check the page links and
square banners to the right.

Prizes awarded at random times from now until May 16th. The
usual prize draws but this time, no tickets needed.

Prizes are listed below and you can get more than one. EVERY
member that qualifies will get something, even if your name is
not drawn.

Here are the prizes...........

5 or more x PIFe Diamond or extra positions
You need to be in
the PC downline, Gold or Diamond, it doesn't matter. If you are

Gold - you will be upgraded to Diamond
Diamond - get a new matrix position with up to $3.25 in Cash

Join for FREE to get a Gold account here - PIFe Gold

Share of 25,000 Mailer Credits

Share of 15,000 TE Credits

Share of 2 Million XP plus Wands, Batteries, Game Cards etc.

Maybe more, you never know how drunk I will get..... lol

Any unclaimed prizes from the last Contest will expire on the
21st of April. Tickets and Contest pages will change on the 22nd
so make sure you haven't missed a prize.

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck.

David. :)