Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday 31 March 2017

And the winners are........

winners Contest Winners - March the 31st.

It's been fun but today is the Final Draw for this Contest. :(

As it is the Final, I've added some more more prizes. YaY!

Congratulations to all the winners below

2 x PIFe Diamond or extra positions -->
Norbert L - Rip V S

1 x $2.00 -->
John V
3 x $1.00 --> Maya V D - Tracey O N - Marcel V
5 x $0.50 --> Shannon D - Candis L - Bidyut Y - Michel S - Birdie H

XP(total 250,000) --> Meredith B - Bud M - Razel A T - Bud M(2)
Elina B - Darran O N - Kathy D - Norbert L - Jeff S - Mariska K

Prizes will be sent now to those I have details for. If this is a cash
prize and the payment details are quite old, expect an email or PM.
If you do not receive an email or PM in the next few days, then the
details I have for you are out of date - contact me.

Please check the tickets page(bottom) to see if further details are
needed for your prize(payment address, CTP username. etc.). Any
unclaimed prizes expire on the 21st of April.

Contest Details - for reference.
Tickets - includes payouts to make/made and further info needed.

Final Random prizes will be awarded throughout the weekend.

David. :)