Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The most popular Captcha types and how to use them.

Captcha, Captcha, all night long. :)

A Captcha is a challenge set by a site for the purposes of

human verification. They want to know that a real person
is on the other side and not a piece of software.

Typical uses are when registering, posting comments or
giving out rewards.

Without the use of Captchas, many sites would simply be
flooded by spam and fake members. While not anywhere
near 100% effective, they are important tools when used
side by side with other security measures.

It is a fascinating subject - human vs machine BUT, I'm
not here to talk about the mechanics of the problem or
artificial intelligence(you can do a search for that info). I
am here to talk about the three main types that you may
encounter while surfing/clicking. They are


I have a number of screenshots to upload but I would
like to try and get a few more. The problem is that these
turn up at random so it may not be possible to get all
those I want before posting.

The next posts will be in three parts. Although I've been
playing Hexion Connect at BitFun - that is not the reason
for the delay, it's the screenshots - honest!!! lol

Wednesday will be ReCaptcha. See you then.