Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Captcha Type 1 - ReCaptcha

ReCaptcha Basics

What does it look like?

What do I do?
Click inside the box. It will then validate the click and offer you a challenge. For your first 10+ clicks per 24 hours, you may not get a challenge.

What type of challenge, if I get one?
Challenges are all picture based and in English. Some of the main types are posted below but there are many more. I mention English as for those learning the language, this type of Captcha is actually useful in matching words with pictures.

Instructions for the challenge will be in a box at the top. The challenge in the middle and icons plus confirm/skip button at the bottom.

Once you read and complete challenges, click verify.


1 - Click the squares that contain an item in a single picture.
In this example, there are three squares to click. 

2 - Click the squares that have grass in them.
In this example, there are four squares to click.

3 - Click the squares that have a stop sign.
In this example, there is one square to click.

4 - Click the squares that have a store front.
In this example, there are three squares to click.

The three icons you see at the bottom of each picture are, from left to right.......

Get a new challengeGet an Audio challengeInfo/Help

If it's too difficult or is not a type of challenge that you like, get a new one by clicking the first icon.

Difficult to see? Click the second icon for audio. Obviously, have your speakers turned up.

Info/help - hopefully that explains itself. 

There is a lot more variation to ReCaptcha than just the examples above. Some are very easy and some will require a bit of thought but that is half the fun. :)

Tomorrow - SolveMedia or FunCaptcha. I might even go crazy and get both done! lol