Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 18 February 2017

PIFexplosion(PIFe) - Guides/FAQ's - 5 - PIF & Referrals.

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Menu options and what they mean.

Main menu heading.
Drop-down menu page.

PIF & Referrals
>>>Affiliate Toolbox
>>>Your Referrals
>>>Pay it Forward
>>>Redeem PIF Codes
>>>Contact Referrals

Affiliate Toolbox
This is where you get your affiliate links to promote.

There are multiple splash pages, banners and even
some email copy(for mailers/safelists) with a number
of different subject lines.

Your Referrals
Detailed stats of those referred, not just a name.

Name - UserName - Last Login - Referral Downline
Referral Hits(to their promotion link) - Type(Free,
Gold or Diamond) - Join Date - Joined From.

An excellent stats area that allows you to encourage
or reward those members that are working hard.
Especially useful for Teams or when gifting positions.

Pay it Forward
This is where you can get creative as there are so
many ways to use Pay it Forward, it's crazy! lol

Stripping it down to the real basics.

Purchase 3, 5 or 10 positions.
Receive codes you can give/sell/trade to members.
Member uses a code, they are now upgraded or have
another position and cash. Easy.

Redeem PIF Codes
Read above and if your sponsor or another member
gives you a code, this is where to enter it.

If you are a Free or Gold member, you will now be
Diamond. If you are already a Diamond member,
you will have another matrix position to earn from. 

Contact Referrals
All members, regardless of their membership type,
can contact referrals.

You can send a PM or contact ALL referrals using the
referral mailer on this page.

Diamond can send messages every three days and
can filter to contact only Gold members. Very useful
if you are building a team/creating contests/gifting.