Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday 17 February 2017

PIFexplosion(PIFe) - Guides/FAQ's - 3 - Joining, getting started.

For all other parts - CLICK HERE.


If you have not joined yet, click the link above for your
free Gold membership.

If one of the PrizeClickers downline sent you here for
please use that members link to join.

After registering, verifying your email and logging in, you
will be presented with an upgrade offer to Diamond. 

You have two options.

1. Upgrade for $4.90(you can always upgrade later).
2. Continue as a Gold Member for free.

To upgrade, you can pay by CoinPayments - PAYEER and
STRIPE(card payments).

If I or a downline member is going to gift you a Diamond
membership, just continue as Gold and a code will be sent
to you for Diamond.

I'm in - now what?
There is a simple guide posted on the Main members page,
please read it.

Explore the site. Hover your mouse over the top menu for
further pages(drop-down).

All pages on the site are listed below. If you do not see
some pages, wait a few hours and you will. Diamond have
instant access to all pages, Gold may be delayed for up to
24 hours(a security measure).

Menu options will be the focus of the next few Guides. 

Main menu heading.
Drop-down menu page.

Main - home of the simple guide.

Account Settings
>>>Edit Account
>>>On Site Solo Settings
>>>Delete Account

PIF & Referrals
>>>Affiliate Toolbox
>>>Your Referrals
>>>Pay it Forward
>>>Redeem PIF Codes
>>>Contact Referrals

Matrix & Money
>>>Matrix Access
>>>Set Cashout Level
>>>Buy Additional Positions
>>>Extra Cash
>>>Browse Traffic Links
>>>Browse Solo Ads

Solo Ads
>>>Special Offer
>>>Buy Solos
>>>Post Solo Ads
>>>Express Solo Ads
>>>Solo Express Service

>>>Special Offer
>>>Buy Advertising
>>>Buy Featured Ads
>>>Advertising Stats
>>>Post Solo Ads
>>>Express Solo Ads
>>>Solo Express Service
>>>Post Traffic Links
>>>Post banners

>>>Contact Us