Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Upgraded Draw - RESULTS!

Hey everyone.

More WINNERS.....YaY!!!!!!!!

UPGRADED DRAW - one day early
Main Winners are below and in no particular order.

If you are upgraded but not listed, you will receive advertising.
Emails are being sent out now.

sarcop10 1 x 0.5 ELITE position
BayerOX 1 x 0.5 ELITE position
smurfie 1 x 0.25 ELITE position
huffalatna 1 x 0.25 ELITE position
theike11 3 x PIFe positions
garryonline 2 x PIFe positions
bigmke CRAB Rank at RapidCrypto
robisonit CRAB Rank at RapidCrypto
BayerDE 1 x WPC position
snoopy 1 x WPC position

*If you won advertising but never replied to a previous ad win,
no email will be sent(until you reply to the previous).


Keep safe and stay healthy.

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David. :)