Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 18 December 2020

MEGA Cycling update and PCE opening......

Hey everyone.

Update tonight is about MEGA and PCE opening back up.

It is a little text heavy but has to be. Took me a day to trim
it down to this. lol

Next update will be about the new contest coming.....

MEGA Cycling and PCE

Date is set for the weekend. Trying to squeeze a few extra
cycles ON TOP so the weekend may turn into Monday.

With this MEGA, the positions will drop below 400 but PCE
will not be opened up at that time. I'd like to add the next
month MEGA before I do that.

There will be an increase in positions available when we do
open up, along with an increase in the maximum amount
per member.

Not enough of an increase for some members  - I hear you
and I know but PLEASE remember this is not a company or
for profit. This is a pool, a co-op, a club, FUN!!! it what
you will but it's not something that can take huge numbers.

The new numbers coming out are capped and will never be

The only change to new positions is - no ad packages. You
will get a banner/text ad that will run on a number of good
sites(randomly as I wander the net like a nomad). With no
particular set amount or time, you may end up getting a
lot more ads than you had will just take longer.

Like before, you can also donate that banner/text ad to
advertising sites that will help PCE but no pressure.

As a a pool, co-op, club, Fun House!........the bulk of all ads
available upfront, should be for the promotion of
PC and
PCE links
. Time taken on the old ad packages was counter-
productive and sometimes left me with NO time in the day
for PC promotion.

Hopefully members understand and know that I don't have
a magic 48 hour's only 24 like the rest of you. :)


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)