Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Sunday, 6 December 2020

December update - 2 of who knows......?

Hey everyone.

Update 2 with hypnotic fruit. :)


Hypnotised but still reading? JOIN SOME SITES HERE! lol

MEGA Cycling

On track to have 60+ positions cycled this month
On track to have 15+ positions cycled next month
(numbers above can go up or down but accurate as of now)

After the MEGA cycle a few weeks ago, I've been working
hard to plan for the next one and also to make it go quicker
and smoother than the last one.

To that end, I have broken cycling up into little bits. You may
get an email(some already have) that you cycled but it will
not show on the blog yet. Once I have cycled xx amount, the
matrix tables will be updated and a post added.

By spacing this out, it has less stress for poor me(lol) than
mass cycling, sending/replying to messages and paying all in
one or two days(or six days as one took).

You shouldn't notice any difference to cycling, except a small
surprise when you cycle and it's not been posted. :)

Because I have been working on plans.........see below........

Sorry for not being my usual chatty self when answering your
messages but I will be again when the time allows.


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)