Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Monday, 28 December 2020

Contest update, splashes and banners.

Hey everyone.

The NEW Contest details have been changed slightly........


Instead of pages with Bulls + Contest/blog, it will be pure

If you intend to use Mailers(recommended) in the Contest,
you need to write about the site visited. That would have
been a problem with the original plan........

Write a small message about Bulls but you get a Contest
page or you write something about the Contest but get a
Bulls page.

Now, you can write a message about the Contest/blog or
even Elite as all links lead to the blog. Either the Contest
page or the home page, that has info on the Contest.

There is also the small matter of sites that will not allow
you to promote referral links that are not your own.  A
crazy thing but it still exists today.

Now, you are promoting a Global Group Contest with no
referral links. All links in the rotator are for this Group
and nothing else.

There is a reason to PRE launch anything and that is to
work out problems like we identified above.

I hope that now makes it easier for everyone.

Promo Material

There will be four splashes loaded into the rotator links.

Four banners will be available for you to use as well.

125x125 - 468x60 - 600x300 - 728x90

If you would like to promote the Contest before it starts,
just to be a really nice person, get in touch for links. :)

Page Links

Pages updated to the MENU at the top-right.

CONTEST - Details
CONTEST - Join Here
CONTEST - Leaderboard


Keep safe and stay healthy.

Need anything? Get in touch.

David. :)