Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

New ad sites, ICO is back and a warning on a scam site.

I hope everyone is well, staying safe and washing hands.

Updates to the PC Blog
Quite a few advertising sites have been added to

Pure Advertising and Tools
Pure Advertising and Tools 2

Included are Pangea2, HerculistPLUS, BestListMailer, 1TAE,
HotSpotMailer, CherryTraffic, 50aDayGetsYouPaid, 577Cash,
CashinonBanners and InfinityMailerBoost.

These will, like every other site, receive a full outline in the
coming months.

And it's.....back! Fully operational again, moved from HOLD
to PAYING. Never has been a big earner but was steady for
a long time, with just a few weeks off during this crisis.

I would not normally warn about scams out there as there
are too many to keep up with. I try to weed them out as far
as possible and report on programs I think are good.

While the site below was not a part of PrizeClickers, I did
mention it in a post so feel obligated to issue a warning.

There was a site called a crypto city building
type) - that lasted for less than a month and disappeared
without a word.

It is back.......but under a different name - My Crypto City.

Cryptopolis site is gone but the FB page is still up.

And here is the FB page for My Crypto City.

Be warned, if you join this - you will get scammed.


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