Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Update on M&J Network Sites

Another update after last night. I will leave the opening
top section on each of the next updates.

I hope everyone is well, staying safe and washing hands.

I'm not going to mention the virus too much as I'm not an
expert but I do want to direct you to some REAL sites that
contain important advice and no BS.

UK - NHS(National Health Service) advice.

World - WHO(World Health Organisation) advice for public.
The coming months will be testing for everyone but if we
all help each other and don't panic, we will get through.

Program news below from sites that have put out updates.
Expect more programs to be paused, reduced, modified or
disappear without a trace due to the current instability.

Crypto Earning Sites

OneAdpack and other sites on M&J Network
As mentioned last night..........

Expect major changes when it comes back and possibly
another pause until BTC gets back on an upward swing.

Well, it's not coming back for some time and neither are
any of the revenue sites in the Mark and James Network.
You will see the news when you login to any of the sites
but I have included it below.


The Worldwide lockdown and recession due to the COVID-19 outbreak
created an unprecedented situation never seen before in the whole World.

Currently the whole world is in a standby mode that created fear
in every single market, and bringing every Country into unbelievable before
and incredibly unique conditions.

Neither Crypto nor our Industry is different.


Our own Industry has changed too.

BTC plummed 60% while Coinbase locked our account, making
impossible for us to use their exchange.

Part of our capital was invested in online Investment sites.
Many of them are still working fine and producing (smaller) returns
to us. Returns that we used (together with our own sites) to pay you.

A few of them, however have now either disappeared or locked withdrawals
on their sites.

You may know that we own a big advertising network that usually produce
a decent influx of money and we are currently facing days with ZERO purchases.
Part of our Network income was also dedicated to pay profits
on our various sites such as this very one.

All these VALID reasons constrain us to temporarily suspend
all our revenue sites and halt earnings and withdrawals until
this global situation resumes.

We have always been transparent and honest with our members and
a demonstration is that since the first problem on the site,
we have not profited and locked not only withdrawals, but also
purchases on OneAdPack.

We want you to know how hard this decision has been, but it currently seems
to the the only possible road to take.

We do not know how long we will need to keep the site locked, we don't know
if this will take 1 month, 2 or more, but
we want to tell all our members that when we will reopen we will take
care of everyone as we have always done, starting from the members who are
currently in the worst situation.

Notice how they mention "revenue" sites and not every site
in the whole network. Those revenue sites listed here are...


It looks like all other sites in the network are working as
normal. If that is updated later, I'll let you know.


As more sites release updates, I'll keep you informed.

Need anything? Get in touch.