Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday, 26 March 2020

IMPORTANT Elite Update plus some new testing.

I hope everyone is well, staying safe and washing hands.

Just a couple of things tonight but one is REALLY important.
There is a major update on the PC Elite Blog....visit soon.

And I forgot to mention the two new sites added to testing.
No need to click daily in any of them but they are different
from each other. More on them to come but if you want to
help test, please do so.

A portfolio type program with a 125% payback. Advertising
with each $5 pack(BTC only) and up to 1% per day.

An unusual 2x20 matrix that costs around $6 per position in
Bitcoin. It drip feeds micro-positions each day for a year and
gives advertising credits each time.

Buy as many positions as you need. Open now to signing up
and referring but purchases will not be open for a couple or
a few days.


As more sites release updates, I'll keep you informed.

Need help or anything else? Get in touch.