Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 11 October 2019

New site added - MyAdsFactory

New site added - MyAdsFactory Crypto Earning Sites
The program added today is......


This has been running since today and is classed as TESTING.

Like any higher return RevShare, there is a higher risk. Play
safe and only ever use money you can afford to lose.

A little different here as you click on BANNERS to qualify. The
banner link then opens in a framed window with a 10 second
timer. No captcha so it's fast to qualify.

No repurchase rule.
Not passive, must click 10 daily banners to earn.
No upgrades, just AdPacks($3 - $7 - $15).
30 day UNLIMITED banners with AdPacks.

Three referral levels at 5% - 3% - 2%

Earning as a FREE member
You can earn by referring paying members only.

Earning as a PAYING member
Earn from referring and from AdPack purchases.

$3 pack is 120% in 30 days plus 125x125 banner.
$7 pack is 130% in 30 days plus 468x60 banner.
$15 pack is 150% in 30 days plus 125 and 468 banners.

Ethereum, Payeer and BitCoin accepted for purchases.
Repurchasing from balance is available.

Withdrawals - $5 minimum - no fee.
Stated to be FAST payouts on the same day(except weekends)
but not tested yet.

At least to start with, go for the highest pack(s) you can get. If
you have $15, get the $15 pack. Easier to then repurchase at the
$3 level(4 days) or $7(10 days).

Due to the 30 day unlimited banners, a strategy for maximum
advertising may end up being a mix of all three types of AdPack.

Including 150% in 30 days for the top AdPack is a risk. TBH, it
may have been better just to stick to the two levels at $3 and $7.

If enough support is there(3500 members at launch), it could run
for quite a while....but like all these programs, they can crash
within a couple of months.

The 30 day UNLIMITED ads is different and a great feature that
I'd like to see on other sites.

I'm in for the ads. :)


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
question before/after you join,
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)