Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

New site added....BizKniz

bizkniz Crypto Earning Sites
The new program added today is......


SPECIAL OFFERS! Page updated for BizKniz, use it. :)

A combination program with a 3x12 matrix and simple pricing at
the heart of it. Every adpack costs $3.99 and every type of ads
or services - costs 1 or more adpacks.

Gold Membership for 1 month = 1 adpack
Gold Membership for 1 year - 9 adpacks
Solo Ad to all members = 2 adpacks
Banner/text ads = 1 adpack
Network Solo Ad  = 3 adpacks

MANY more services are available and all are priced per adpack.
Buy as many as you need for now or save them up for any larger
purchases(you can use them at any time).

EVERY adpack comes with a Matrix Position to earn from. Yay!!!

You never need to upgrade here to earn but you should buy at
least one adpack to earn from. If you are going to promote(why
would you not?), the Gold Membership is a must.

Free members WITHOUT an adpack can earn here by clicking ads,
reading solos, logging in daily and promoting(10% Direct comms.).
When you have 10,000 credits or $3.99 in commissions - you can
convert to an adpack.

Free members WITH an adpack can earn 10% Direct comms.
plus Matrix comms. down 12 levels. Also earn credits by clicking
ads, reading solos, logging in daily and promoting.

Gold Members get 30% Direct comms. plus Matrix comms. and
get a higher amount for clicking
ads, reading solos, logging in
daily and promoting.

Quick Bites
Matrix is 3x12 Forced. Only three members can be on anyones
first level. This means that if your upline are active, you may get
spillover. Not only are you earning from your referrals, you can
earn from the efforts of members above you.

$10 minimum withdrawal. ALL commissions are "rolled up" and
paid to your FIRST position. So you can have 1000 positions and
not need to worry about hitting $10 on each position.

SolidTrustPay and CoinPayments(BTC, LTC, ETH etc.) accepted.

If you can afford it, purchase 10 or more AdPacks to start with
and use them to upgrade your membership first.

9 to upgrade to Gold for a full year
1 to get a personal splash page(with your banner and text ad)

For more than 10, you can add any below;

1 for referral mailer
1 for banner
1 for text ad
3 for PIF tickets
1 for 1500 TE visitors
2 for 4000 TE visitors

Use the suggestions above or use them for other services.

A well thought out site that works for pretty much everyone.

A huge list of services to choose from, a low cost starting point
and ways to earn if you promote.


If you don't understand something I've written or just have a
question before/after you join,
Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)