Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Rabbit, Rabbit, Edit, Edit......

rabbit,rabbit Time to edit the blog pages and see what needs to be changed
or updated. Check below.

Coin Wallets
No removals on this page as all links are still working and valid.

BlockChain and CoinBase now offer more coin options so those
will be added this week.

Removed Coinpressions2 from this page as it has been "merged"
or "absorbed" into a new program that hasn't launched yet(see
below*). Merged is quicker to type so I'll go with that. lol

A new offer will be added in the next few days.

Crypto Earning Sites

All current PAYING sites are still working.

PIFexplosion, Rotate4All, BannerAdBlaster, MyFreeShares, AdBTC,
DonkeyMails, FreeCoins4All, Cointiply.

More paying sites will be added soon.

TESTING sites have been reset to none. If I/we find something
that looks good, it will be added here until it pays. It will then be
added to PAYING.

FAUCETS - Quick Claim

All CoinPot sites are still working and paying.

FreeBitCoin and FreeDogeCoin are still paying too.

Two faucets removed from the list, not because they are gone or
not paying, it's just that I haven't used them for a long time.


Yup, all good. :)

*Coinpressions2 or CP2

Removed from site.

Not going to make a long post about this but I could....

CP2 running but slows down.
Change in structure of CP2.
New program from admin of CP2 - CryptoPros.
CryptoPros running but slows down.

CP2 to be closed and merged into a new program. Yay!
ONLY if you have more than a $50 balance in CP2 or pay. WTF?

So everyone in CP2 that hasn't got a balance of $50 or refuses to
pay the $50 from new money, doesn't get into the new program.
This is not what you would call a merger. Taking those with money
and leaving everyone else behind is more like it.

CryptoPros members should be waiting for another merger soon.


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)