Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


cointiply The next overview of a Crypto Earning Site is Cointiply.

This site works with COINS but also displays your balance
in DOLLARS and BTC. An example of balance is below

16,900 COINS - $1.69 - 0.00025400 BTC

For anyone who ever gets confused about - How much do
I have? - they have you covered. lol

Payouts to(minimum to withdraw)

FaucetHub(35,000) -
BitCoin(100,000) - DOGE(50,000)

There is a single upgrade and it can only be purchased
with COINS. 17,000 per month or 170,000 per year.

Ways to Earn

Faucet(every hour) - average 37 to 515 COINS per claim.
Jackpot is 100,000 COINS.

Captcha type - SolveMedia

PTC Ads - average 16 ads = 154 coins

OfferWalls - SIXTEEN. The likes of TapResearch AdscendMedia,
AdGate, SaySo, MinuteStaff and many more.

Videos - watch videos and earn coins. You do not need to be at
your computer to earn. Open in a new tab(s) and let run in the
background. Average 15 COINS per ad.

Games - 16 x Arcade style games to play including Stack Tower,
Flow Mania, Swoop, Classic Solitaire, Fallout Racer and more.

Mining Game.  Create, Mine, Upgrade, Battle and Profit.
Time Strategy game. Addictive! :)

CPU Mining

Referrals - 25% faucet and 10% OfferWalls


A site with a lot going on to keep you happy for hours, especially
if you like the Mining Game. Easy to earn on your own and with
three good withdrawal options.

Kudos for offering DOGE withdraws as this is rare.

There seems to be a lot of future plans for this site so I would
say this is an ESSENTIAL Crypto Earning Site.

Time to join -

Next sites to do




Considered but not added(will be updated).

EthereumClix. Too many popups - too many low paying rotator ads.


Need anything? Contact me.

See ya soon.

David. :)