Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Thursday 15 October 2015

New site added in Pre-Launch and the contest is nearly here.

Hi everyone.

I hope you are having a great time and looking forward to
a fun filled weekend!

List Burst in Pre-Launch - added.

Pre-Launch is now. Full Launch - 28th of October.

I've added List Burst to the Mailers at PC. You'll see from the
small number listed that I don't add very often. It has to have
something special and List Burst has it.........

From Barry Langdon(Social Surf 4 U), there comes a mailer
without mails. Very experienced owner/programmer and a
simple to use members area. Everything feels right....and the
site isn't even finished yet.

List Burst uses an onsite only email inbox so you never have
to worry about being bombarded with emails again.

That's not all though. ListBurst is packed with great features
that are very rewarding to active readers.

* Weekly raffle with cash prizes and free advertising
* Monthly top readers contest with CASH prizes
* Random cash prizes from reading emails
* Up to 50% commissions

* Banner and Login Ads

I believe this will be big and a great advertising source, whether
you are free or upgraded. There are no Joint Venture launches,
there is 2 weeks until official launch and it's run by someone that
really knows what they are doing. So, I'm offering a bonus to join.

Join for free and get 5,000 XP plus 500 credits at a PC TE(that
you are my referral at). Or, a CTP goodies bag.

Take any upgrade and get up to 200,000 XP plus mailing and
traffic credits. Also get 4 entries in the next PC Contest and 2
for every month you are upgraded after that.

XP can be sent straight away or saved for the next Season. Just
let me know your preference and if you don't, I'll save it. :)

Join here - List Burst

Then send me your LB username and your CTP.

New Contest

The contest for Oct/Nov has now been posted. CLICK.

Wednesday 21st Oct to 4th November.

Over 2.5 Million XP in XP for all upgrades
and/or purchases as well.

Did I mention over $100 in Cash plus other prizes? Yay!!!

ALL XP won in the contest(including random) and XP earned
by upgrading/purchasing......will now be saved and sent out
during the first week of the new Season at CTP. 

Give your team a great boost to the start of the new Season.


Got a question, need help? Get in touch about anything.


Reminder - is being worked on and is not an
active site. Temporary home is here.

Best wishes.

David McKay
Prize Clickers Admin