Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Friday, 23 October 2015

First update of the new contest.....

Hi Everyone.

The first, official update to the tickets is here and also

some random winners posted.

Tickets  - How many do you have?

11 teams represented. 41 members with tickets.

A few random prizes for ticket holders below.

Monica W  - 1000 x Hot Website Traffic credits + 5,000 XP
Sarojini E - 1000 x Traffic Bowling credits + 5,000 XP

Elina B - $2 Cash

Martin S - 25,000 XP
Hannet L - 10,000 XP
Callum R - 10,000 XP
Maya V D - 10,000 XP
Bud M - 10,000 XP

The next update will be on Monday. Wherever possible, I
will add your upgraded/won XP at a time when your team
is involved in an XP battle(during ctp season 4).


I wish everyone the best of luck in the contest. Go for it!

David McKay
Prize Clickers Admin