Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Winners for Friday.

Hi all,

here are some winners of credits and XP.

James Ong - 250 credits at Viral Dynamyte.
Deborah Cook - 250 credits at Viral Dynamyte.

Leone Marziano - 100 credits at Chess Ads + 2,000 XP.
Meredith Bilski - 100 credits at Chess Ads + 2,000 XP.
Monica Wilson - 100 credits at Chess Ads + 2,000 XP.
Elina Balashova - 100 credits at Chess Ads + 2,000 XP.

Michel Guillerm - 1000 credts at XCell Traffic.

Georgia Stewart - 2000 XP.

Credits and XP

I will be travelling around the TE's and mailers this week giving out
random credits and/or XP. All you need to do or read mails.

You obviously need to be my referral at the exchanges or mailers
listed on this blog. In particular, I will probably be spending a lot of
my time at the exchanges involved in the next contest. :)

Ends on Monday.

+1 Success

Here's just a sample of what +1 Success can do for you:
  • Access to a tried and tested 30 Day Game Plan that actually works!
    No hype, no hoopla, just real results!
  • Learn the skills successful marketers have been using for years!
    What you don't know, may actually be hurting your business...
  • Discover the real formula for finally making money online every single month...
    3 simple things
     that will turn your business and life around today!
The new site from TimTech is here and it's not a TE or a mailer. Think
of it as training for your business brain.

After joining, pay close attention as the OTO is exactly that - one time.

For joining - 1 Million XP

Upgrade($37 one time) to rebrand and get other goodies - 5 Million XP
Normal upgrade inside($17 one time) - less goodies - 5 Million XP

Join the book club($67 per month OTO - $97 inside) - 10 Million XP

All your downline has to do to claim their XP is to send in a support ticket with their ctp username  to once they have joined under you. That’s it.


The new contest is almost here.

$50 in cash - Over 1.5 Million XP - Credits and Goodies.

From Friday the 17th to Friday the 24th.

Check the tabs above or click on these links.

July Contest.

Ticket Board. - Active when the contest starts.

Winners. - Active when the contest starts.


Best wishes.

David McKay