Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

News, tickets updated and random winners.

Hi Everyone.

There was an error in part of the dates for the contest. Since I didn't
get a message about it, I'm assuming that everyone realised the error.

It has now been corrected

From - 00:01(GMT) Friday 17th or 19:01(EST) Thursday 16th

to - 00:01(GMT) Friday 24th or 19:01(EST) Thursday 23rd

I had not changed the day for EST from Friday to Thursday. Oops!!

If anyone was counting on the contest finishing on Friday 19:01(EST),
just let me know and I will extend it for a day. :)


Tickets  - How many do you have? - UPDATED

A few random prizes for ticket holders below.

Martin S  - 500 x Aloha TD credits + 25,000 XP
Kendra M - 500 x 75% Surf credits + 25,000 XP

Leone M - $1 cash
Darran O N - $1 cash
Georgia S - $1 cash

Norbert L - 25,000 XP
Agatha R - 10,000 XP
Paul W - 10,000 XP
Birdie H - 10,000 XP
Steve B - 10,000 XP
Mandy M - 10,000 XP


I wish everyone the best of luck in the contest. 

Go for it. :)

David McKay
Prize Clickers Admin